What I witnessed on Fantasy Island

Okay, so artwork kinda sucks, but you can probably get the picture. I was coming up the front half of the lone cactus loop, just passing the little grave stone at the top of the hill, when I see this:
The contraption in the front is a woman of about 40, fat, no helmet on a bicycle designed for the boardwalk. The thing hanging off the back is a trailer/half-a-bike for her toddler kid...no helmet.

This is not on the Bunny Trail.

The thing in the back is a poorly drawn 20" recumbant bike. This was captained by what must have been the bread-winner/biological materials donater to this exercise in bad decision making. This trio of halfwits were riding/skidding/half-walking/dragging their vessels down the hills. The father, having no suspension and no capacity to stand up when his bike hit the bumps, was just hammering his spine over every rock, root, dip, etc.
I would have snapped a picture, but I was too busy just trying to get away from them before a helicopter was needed.


Update on Peter

Peter came out of his second surgery in as many months today. After transplanting nerve and muscle tissue from his legs to his arm and back, he has already been able to shrug his shoulder and actuate his bicep. This is much sooner than doctors expected anything, so this is very good news.

He is said to be quite extatic.


Riders needed... 12 Hrs of Pain & Purpose - Sat. 01/19/08 (Tempe, AZ)

Looking to build small teams of 2 or 4 riders. $50/head if we register by this Saturday 12/15. Any takers?
Race Homepage

24 Hrs ITOP - Waivers Due by 12/22

There is $10 processing fee per rider if these waivers are not received (via snail mail) by 12/22. $20 if not received by 01/19 (+ rider doesn't get a T-shirt).
If you haven't already... get on it...
da waiver
homepage: 24itop


Pirates Place 4th - Dawn To Dusk...

Silent Ed, Joshua, Amber & Lacey took 4th place (Co-Ed Quad) at the Dawn to Dusk race, McDowell Mountain Park in Phoenix, AZ.
[8 teams in category - 2 teams DQ'd]
Race Homepage


The Map....Giggity!

The following link will download a kml file for Google Earth that contains detailed maps and information for nearly every trail in the greater Tucson area. Go get it.
KML Trail Link


FiVe PiRaTeS rIdE eL tOuR dE tUcSoN

Brad/Ed (109 mile) & Lacey/Amber/Scott (67 mile) rode in the 2007 El Tour De Tucson this past Saturday. Lacey stopped by to say hello to the peanut gallery two miles before finishing. Here is the video...

El Tour Results
Note: Amber's results are actually listed as me (Joshua Anderson) & Scott rode guerilla radio style.

Music Video - "Committed" - 7 Days of May

Original pirate Zach Anderson is the lead singer for 7 Days of May. Check out their new music video... directed by Mike Joyner



'07 Cyclocross Race Series

Opps... Cindy from Sabino Cycles sent me an email with the
'07 Tucson Cyclocross Race Series schedule. Details in the
upcoming events section below...


Anyone else riding in El Tour?

Lacey & I are registered for the 66 mile El Tour de Tucson race on November 17th. Are there any other pirates riding?
El Tour Website


My Sore Ass

As you all know i was hit by a truck on the C-Dale 4 weeks back. well its all taken care of, my ticket was dropped, i fixed my bike, and i got some cash. Today was the first ride back on the bike and i felt like shit. oh yeah, that's a picture of my ass.



Citizens of Tucson

This morning, 0710, Valencia and Old Vail Rd: One compact car with a smashed bumper, hood, and windshield + one mangled bicycle = 4 cop cars, 1 fire engine and an ambulance.


The Birth of a Legend.

For those who read this your reward is an invitation to enjoy hockey, drinking, and Brad's 27th birthday. TCC, Saturday October 27th, Ice Cats and the celebration of the birth of Brad - Be There!
Ice Cats Homepage


'07 Tour De Fat (Tempe, AZ)

'Chino said he couldn't make it... obviously he was lying'

A handful of pirates and friends drank many brews and watched many weirdos Saturday at the Tour De Fat festival in Tempe, AZ.
tour de fat homepage


Kentucky Camp ride--Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!

Chino and crew are heading down to explore some of the vast trail network in and around Kentucky Camp and Gardner Canyon Sunday, 14 Oct. If you're interested in joining us, we'll be heading down there around 9:00 AM or so.


Pirates on Podium... Tour of the White Mountains

Long story short... Brad took 1st & Amber took 3rd in their categories in the 35 mile race. Joshua & Lacey got lost and turned a 35 mile race into 57 miles. Scott worked as the sweep on the 52 mile course chasing down lost riders (thanks man!). Ray and his family came up and joined in the fun. Then we got drunk.


Cougar Awareness

I know certain riders here have a great fear of the cougar, i thought i would offer up some help!



Our fellow Pirate B-RAD was out for a ride on his road bike this morning when he was cut off by a truck.

B-RAD is OK - scratched, bruised, angry, but OK.

His bike - not so good. He is going to have to replace pedals, shifters, seat etc.

B-RAD was riding in the BIKE LANE - when a truck cut him off to get into a parking lot. The policeman on site - ticketed B-RAD!! His ticket states that he was not riding far enough to the side of the bike lane. So, yes, he was in the bike lane - but apparently not far enough to the side!!! Can you believe it! Apparently - the bike lane is not all ours...only some portion of it.

The jack-ass in the truck was threatening to charge B-RAD for the damages to his truck. ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

B-RAD has pics with evidence of his skid marks on the pavement in the bike lane. He is going to fight the ticket.... Let hope he wins...



Sonoran Pirates Ride Spot (a.k.a. upcoming rides)

Check the orange link on the right called "upcoming rides".

Want to ride?
-click the link and see who's riding where
Have an upcoming ride?
-post it man... post it!
Don't know how to post it?
-1. create a free gmail account
-2. send it to joshua

Insider info... we are expanding to allow additional posters access to www.sonoranpirates.com. Look for new posts from Brad, Ray, and Lacey in the near future.


bye... bye... Columbia Trails

JnL ride the Columbia Trails before heading out to Tucson.

What's A Girl To Do... Bat For Lashes

Brad sent me a link to the 'Go Clipless' blog. I saw this video on the blog. I dig the song and the video is based around biking. Warning. It's weird.
band website


Update: Peter Graham's Status...

"At this point, Peter has no use or feeling in his left arm. He is heading to the Mayo Clinic in a couple of weeks to find out if they can successfully graft nerves from his leg to fix the nerve damage in his arm. Best case, he's looking at having 40-60% of the use of his arm if the surgery is a success. If it's not, he will probably never have the use of his arm again, and will more than likely have to have it amputated. It sucks. I'm helping him list Titus Racer X on Ebay tomorrow. -Chino


The homeless pirate found a home...

Matt broke down, got back in step with the man and signed a lease on a condo in Fort Collins. He is, however, still without a seatpost on his suspension rig. Does anyone know what exactly Matt is doing to or with his seatposts that keeps causing them to break? I guess some things are better left unsaid.

bye... bye... Avalon - Patapsco

Josh-n-Lacey ride their back yard trail for the last time before shipping the bikes back out West. Good bye Patapsco and thanks for all of the good times.


24 Hours in the Sage... 2 Teams & Free Beer

The Sonoran Pirates performed swimmingly in the 2007 24 Hours in the Sage, in Gunnison, CO this past weekend. There are various podcasts called in by Ray, Brad, and Matt before, during, and after the race (scroll down). If you would like a .kmz file of the course for Google Earth click the [Contact Josh] link to the right and I'll have Ray send it to your email address.


24h in the Sage... "once it hits my lips I can't stop"

What follows is the text conversation between Brad (at the 24 Hrs in The Sage in Gunison, CO.) and Joshua (at a Jazz concert in Columbia, MD.)

6:36 PM - Brad
"dude. the riders here are all bad ass."

7:54 PM - Joshua
"like you? got your post... little windy... site had 24 hits since
you started so call when you can... having fun?

8:46 PM - Brad
"having fun but need a couple extra lungs and new set of legs"

8:49 PM - Joshua
"altitude kicking your ass?"

8:49 PM - Brad
"among other things."

9:06 PM - Joshua
"ask ray how it compares to the big bear course"

9:07 PM - Brad
"not as long or slippery. this course is faster. and its better without you crying about bears. says ray"

9:24 PM - Joshua
"yeah... I can be annoying about bears... I'm f'n jealous you bastards :-("

9:25 PM - Joshua
"though I am drinking Dave's Pale Ale at a outdoor jazz concert so I got that over you... "

9:25 PM - Brad
"nice. have fun. get drunk."

9:36 PM - Joshua
"getting there... how are diane + alexus holding up?"

9:37 PM - Brad
"they are doing good. diane has done two already. they are done until morning."

9:38 PM - Joshua
"awesome... tell them we said good luck, eh... and ah... call into the blog..."

9:51 PM - Brad
"stopped by new belgium tent and talked the girl into a beer. its so tasty."

9:54 PM - Joshua
"beer equals slow brad... when is your next lap?"

9:55 PM - Brad
"Prob. 4 hours. I'll just have one. carbs dude."

9:56 PM - Joshua
"alcoholic. you can't have just one. good luck. says lacey."

10:03 PM - Brad
"once it hits the lips. i can't stop"

10:06 PM - Joshua
"that goes for anything that hits your lips"

No response...


2 teams @ 24 Hrs in the Sage this weekend!

The Sonoran Pirates have two teams racing the '24 Hours in the Sage' in Gunnison, Colorado this weekend. Ray, Brad, & Matt have pledged to call in and leave podcast messages throughout the race. Scroll down and check the SPMBT Podcast throughout the weekend to see how the race is progressing.

#1. Sonoran Pirates (4 man) Ed, Matt, Brad, Ray
#2. Sonoran Pirate Wenches (female duo) Diana, Alexis


This seatpost used to be straight...

Until I let 'Wild Boy' Pete borrow the guest bike for a couple weeks. Do not fret future riders of the guest bike... it has a brand new seatpost...
Titec El Norte


Losing Access... Continental Divide Trail

The US Forest Service is taking steps to restrict &/or remove mountain bike access to the Continental Divide Trail. The trail is 3,100 miles long and runs along the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico.
Read About It
Do Something About It


"Help Me Design My Tattoo" -Brad

Oi! I am looking for ideas on how I can fill out or add a bike/outdoor themed background to my arm. Help! Add a comment below... or shoot me an email with your ideas. Tks -Brad Rules


Matt Rides... The Triple Bypass

On Sunday, July 12th Matt "the mountain goat" Knox finished the 120 mile & 10k ft of elevation change Triple Bypass. The race started in Evergreen, CO. crossed Juniper, Loveland, & Vail passes ending in Avon, CO. This is officially the longest race ever completed by a member of the team.


Peter Graham in hospital after motorcycle accident.

Update (7/18/07)... word on the street is Peter had a successful surgery to repair nerve damage in his shoulder/arm. He is still in the hospital undergoing extensive physical therapy. Good luck bro.


"I think I hear banjos" 24 hRs Of BiG bEaR

This past weekend (Sat 6/9 - Sun 6/10) a pirate team consisting of Lacey, Sarah, Diane, Alexis, Ray, Jason, & Joshua raced the 24 Hours of Big Bear just outside of Morgantown, West Virginia.
Ray's Race Summary
Riders Pics
Bad A$$ Athena


JnL & Warren Ride 5 Boro Bike Tour (NYC)

On Sunday, May 6th Joshua, Lacey, and Warren (Joshua's dad) joined 30,000+ bikers in the 5 Boro Bike Tour in New York City. The tour route totaled 44 miles and traversed thorugh Manahattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, & Staten Island.
5 Boro Pics
5 Boro Schedule & Route


B.Knox 112th in Tour of Tucson Mtns

Brad represented the Pirates in epic fashion on Sunday April 29th with a 112th place finish out of 690 riders in the 70 mile Tour of the Tucson Mountains road race.

Race Pics
Race Results (70 Single)