Founding father back in the saddle...

Our close friend Glen Byrne initially introduced Lacey and I to mountain biking. Our first rides took place in Thetford Forrest. The forrest was close to our home in the village of Isleham and we spent many weekends riding, smoking, and drinking coffee/tea there with Glen.

Unfortunately, sometime after we left England, Glen lost interest in mountain biking and hung up his steed. The dry spell lasted for several years.

Until today!

Today, Glen took his recently purchased new mountain bike back out to those trails and reconnected with the forrest. Welcome back my friend... there are so many pirates riding now... and we ride because of the seed you planted so many years ago.

Interested in Glen's new bike? it's made by a German company called Cube (primarily sold in Europe). Check out the video with their founder below or their website here... Cube Bicycles


Anthill Films Trilogy

Most of us have seen these inspiring videos that have amazing cinematography. I bought the Trilogy, I also got the newest one that came out last year "Follow Me"

Come over to my house and watch it!


Ride the Arizona Trail Lately?

If the answer is yes... then you should join the Arizona Trail Association! The picture above and this excerpt is from the Arizona Trail Association website...
The Arizona Trail Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to building and maintaining the Arizona Trail. We are volunteers who love Arizona and its rich natural heritage. We are hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and outdoor enthusiasts who share a common goal: completing the Arizona Trail and ensuring its future.

The Arizona Trail needs the active support of outdoor enthusiasts. Help build this resource for today and legacy for future generations by joining the Arizona Trail Association and becoming a volunteer today! All members receive our quarterly newsletter the Arizona Trail Association News, featuring news and events specifically related to the State's border-to-border trail project, the Arizona Trail.
Memberships start at $30 and include...
Newsletter; Web Access to GPS Trail Data, Access Maps, Databook and Loop Hikes/Rides Info; Membership Card
Join online here... www.aztrail.org


T-Bone & Tough Guy ride Az Trail Jamboree

El La and I caught up with T-Bone & Tough Guy riding back from the Arizona Trail Jamboree ride on Saturday morning. It sounded like a fun and tough ride to concur. In the pic the guys are unloading/loading post ride.


The 2011 Whiskey Throwdown

Since the Whiskey race is soon approaching I figured we should provide a little motivation for a couple of Pirates that could do well, sooooo... I propose a gentleman's challenge to both Uppercut and Toughguy (if they are man enough to accept). The wager will go to whoever gets a better time and maybe a bonus for winning the event. Help me come up with what the wagers should be (non-monetary).