The Map....Giggity!

The following link will download a kml file for Google Earth that contains detailed maps and information for nearly every trail in the greater Tucson area. Go get it.
KML Trail Link


FiVe PiRaTeS rIdE eL tOuR dE tUcSoN

Brad/Ed (109 mile) & Lacey/Amber/Scott (67 mile) rode in the 2007 El Tour De Tucson this past Saturday. Lacey stopped by to say hello to the peanut gallery two miles before finishing. Here is the video...

El Tour Results
Note: Amber's results are actually listed as me (Joshua Anderson) & Scott rode guerilla radio style.

Music Video - "Committed" - 7 Days of May

Original pirate Zach Anderson is the lead singer for 7 Days of May. Check out their new music video... directed by Mike Joyner



'07 Cyclocross Race Series

Opps... Cindy from Sabino Cycles sent me an email with the
'07 Tucson Cyclocross Race Series schedule. Details in the
upcoming events section below...