need bike maintenance advice

been having issues (for a while now) with smallest few gears (biggest 3 or 4 rear cogs). replaced a cassette, had the derailleur hanger adjusted...still wants to pop around when i'm grinding hard on the pedals.

any ideas for the likely culprit? i'm not trying to shift it under load...chain just doesn't stay in place when i'm really mashing it.


Race Across the Sky 2010

Tickets are on sale now for the movie, it is showing November 4. Last year on the big screen the movie was amazing.

50yr Trail MaƱana Morning aka "Pain Cave"

Lance, Toughguy, and myself are riding 50 yr trail tomorrow morning @ 6am sharp (its usually me that is late though). Meeting in the Chase bank parking lot across from the park entrance. According to Toughguy he "is going to turn the pedal with anger tomorrow" & "take us deep into the pain cave."


Manitou Minute 29er??

I have an opportunity to pick up one of these forks for a great price to use on the Rocky Mountain Single Speed. I'm curious if there any thoughts out there on this fork (or current manitou forks in general). I know they used to have some quality issues but heard that they are much better. My choice is this or spending 2x on a Fox F29. Hmm... what to do?
Minute 29er


crapachino machino to be decommissioned

I picked up this new 2009 Rocky Mountain Hammer steel 29er frame with an eccentric bottom bracket (so I can run it single speed) on eBay last night for a great price. So the single speed build begins...

The down side? I have to get make room for her in the garage and so I'm off loading the Crapachino Machino... any pirate is welcome to her... otherwise she'll be decommissioned and deconstructed. Let me know if you want her.



any of the tucson folks have an available trainer I can borrow? I am trying to get some heavy weekday miles in prior to the white mountains race. was also thinking about getting a trainer but wanted a test run first. bike is set up as 2x10 speed if it matters...pretty ignorant on this stuff.


Need Altitude Training for 2011 Barn Burner

In order to achieve the 8 hour mark next year the Pirates need some training at altitude for the Barn Burner. We also need some more pirates to take part in the event it is gorgeous venue and the course is not hard except for the last climb after 21 miles of cranking.


Tentative 2011 MBAA Race Schedule

Race 1 January 8, 2011 Papago Park
(short track 1/2 points race)

Race 2 January 22/23, 2011 McDowell Mountain Park
(XC Sunday-full points Short Track and Gravity Event both 1/2 points)

Race 3 February 5, 2011 Casa Grande NEW VENUE
(XC only Saturday-full points)

Race 4 February 26, 2011 White Tanks
(XC only Saturday-full points)

Race 5 March 5, 2011 Estrella
(XC only Saturday-full points)

Race 6 March 19/20, 2011 Sierra Vista
(XC Saturday-double points Super D Sunday 1/2 points)

Race 7 April 9, 2011 4-peaks HILLCLIMB
(Saturday-1/2 points)

Race 8 May 7/8, 2011 Globe NEW VENUE
(XC Saturday-full points Downhill 1/2 points)

Race 9 May 21, 2011 Prescott
(XC only Saturday-full points)

Race 10 June 4/5, 2011 Flagstaff
(XC State Championship race-Saturday-full points Sunday Super D 1/2 points)
***One day detrmined by performance that day. NOT THE SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP)

Race 11 June 18/19, 2011 Williams
(MBAA Series Championship race XC Saturday-full points Sunday fat tire crit-zero points SERIES AWARDS CEREMONY)
***Series points total. ALL POINTS COUNT. ZERO DROPS

Link: MBAA

Pirate Barn Burner Results

The boys made a fine showing finishing 14th place and earning a belt buckle by knocking down 104 miles in 09:09:00.

Full results. Individual times as follows...

01:50:04 - Lance Uppercut
02:30:24 - El Hefe
02:31:42 - Pescadito
02:16:50 - McLovin

Thank you from Rob

The bike we put together a few weeks ago was for my buddy Rob's dad. I got this thank you note in the mail from Rob yesterday. Thanks again to all the pirates who volunteered parts for this project!


project bike complete...

I finished the bike for my friend's dad. Thanks to all who provided or volunteered parts!! You guys rock.

project complete...



Starr Pass Ride Saturday 6am?

I am going to be in town for the Labor day weekend. Lets all get together and do a Starr Pass ride at the trailhead 6am on Saturday 9/04/10... Everyone come the more the better!