no trabajo en América

McLovin, Senior Masa, & Magellan road the Elephant Head trail in Madera Canyon on Friday afternoon. In order to help inform any immigrants, that may have been hiding along the trail, of the current American economic state, we repeatedly sang a song entitled no hay trabajo en America throughout the ride.

bye bye PiratePod

Dear SonoranPirates:
As you know, we have been offering the ability to podcast by phone for several years. Up until now, this service has remained free for you to use without limitations. We have been incurring significant costs to keep this service free and we now must take steps to lower our cost. Beginning April 1, 2009, we will be charging a subscription fee of $99 for this phone-in service.

Thank you, matthew@gcast.com


Pics by Vikki Colvin...

Vikki hooked me up with these pics of bicylcle components for my 30th. I rediscovered & hung them in our great room. Vik has a photography company. Check her site out...


just couldn't resist...

$120 on Chris King's website... $30 at my LBS... they must have had these sitting around for sometime... thanks to Justin for finding my new salt & pepper shakers... and allowing me to pick 'em up...


backiotomy update

Well looks like I might actually need a backiotomy... here's the herniated disc that has put me out of commission since the 24hr race. -Hefe


Bike art around Grand Junction and Fruita

I've been riding around grand junction and fruita for the last month and started to notice all these bike sculptures/art don't know what exactly to call them, so I decided to take some pics for you guys.

On main street downtown Grand Juntion.
more pics


Day Wreck & Be Rad... Congratufreakinlations!

The pirates had two riziders in the Foray @ the Fort down in Sierra Vista (actually on Fort Huachuca). McLovin took 4th (with a flat!) & The Green Lantern came in 2nd. Represent.
Foray @ the Fort


All about... Ceramic Bearings

Instead being outside riding my new Ellsworth Evolve (will post pics soon) I am stuck inside (food poisoning) reading about mountain bikes. I decided to research a topic that Chino and I debated last week... Ceramic Bearings. My research has concluded that ceramic bearings are lighter, stiffer, easier to maintain, and last anywhere from 5-20 times longer than steel bearings. So... Chino... as usual... you are wise... and I stand corrected.

Here are some interesting links on Ceramic Bearings...
Overview: Article
Components: FSA - Ceramic Speed - Enduro - BOCA