Cruisers, Cardboard, and Bubble Wrap

....or, just an excuse for Adam and his biking club to get drunk and waste packing materials.


Wed Night Ride Cancelled...

Ray and Diana's last night in town. We are having dinner at our place. Feel free to drop by and say goodbye.


big sorry to justin & dave...

lacey & I had unexpected guests last night... we drank too much... stayed up too long... and just couldn't make the ride... we suck...



This is no way to treat a Peloton!

Don't Shoot the Bed!

You have all heard the story. Now, see the evidence. As the carpet was being removed this morning, I noticed a disturbed section of carpet padding beneath the place our bed used to be. Look at what I found.


Warren Riding in Tour De Cure

Warren (my dad) is not deterred by his recent over-the-handlebars mountain biking incident. (aka a trip to the ER + a strained shoulder ligament). He is riding in Brighton, Michigan this Sunday (June 8th) in support of the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure. Good luck!
Tour de Cure Website

Good Bye - Ray & Family

Well... Ray, Diane, Alexis, & Athena head off to Costa Rica in route to Maryland this week (odd route I have to admit). We are all very sad to see them leave Tucson. We love you guys! Keep your heads up pirates... we are planning to reconvene with Ray & his girls in New York City next May for the 5 Boro Bike tour (link added to the Upcoming Events below) I'll release details as soon as they are available.