Turkey Day Ride - Los Gatos, CA

El Grotto is headed up to Los Gatos tomorrow morning for a ride with a few hundred other riders. Beer will possibly be consumed at the top. Ride info can be found here.



Ride with Todd Wells

From Todd Well's Twitter:

There is a memorial ride for Hutch @ Fantasy Island in Tucson this Sunday @ 9am organized by Gord if anyone is in town and wants to come.

Stop by and ride with a pro if you're interested. Going to see how I feel after El Tour today but might make it out tomorrow.


El Tour De Tucson

Alphonse & T-Bone are bringen the Pain Train to the mean streets of Tucson


2011 24 ITOP - Caca Pasa is registered...

Duo con mi papa y yo... The Sonoran Pirates Caca Pasa!

Shop Profile: Arizona Bicycle Experts (ABE)

ABE has earned my patronage several times over - here's the latest reason... the shop owner Michael built me a sweet pair of wheels (Chris King Hubs twist laced to Stans Arch 29er rims) about a year ago. The wheels held up solid to the abuse of my svelte 250+ pound frame thrashing over the Tucson area mountain bike trails. A few weeks ago I was riding down in Safford, AZ and broke a spoke on the trail. Unfortunately, no local wrenches have twist lace skills so I was stuck until I got back to Tucson to get the wheel fixed by Michael. I opted to pay to have him re-lace the wheel with a standard semi-tangent cross 3 pattern. When I came back in Michael handed me the re-laced wheel (with new spokes and nipples) and said... we're good to go... you don't owe me anything our wheels are guaranteed. Now... that is a man who stands behind his product.

Go to his shop.
Buy his stuff.
Like ABE on Facebook.

ABE sells Santa Cruz, Moots, Kona, Soma, Surly, Electra, & Co-Motion bikes. Additionally, they have a great bicycle maintenance service and carry all the high end mountain bike parts.

Website: abecycling.com
Facebook: Arizona Bicycle Experts
Location: 2520 E 6th Street, Tucson, Az


Pirate Ship Cake...

Mr. Miyagi crafted this Pirate Cake for his son's recent birthday. I love cake.


Hit & Run controversy

This story has been coming up on a number of cycling news sites and pro cyclists' twitter accounts. Long story short, wealth manager hits cyclist with his car (nearly kills him) and flees the scene. Felony has been downgraded to misdemeanor by DA who was also involved in the number plate swapping by the 2 females at Leadville last year. Strange action on the part of the DA.

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