Update: Peter Graham's Status...

"At this point, Peter has no use or feeling in his left arm. He is heading to the Mayo Clinic in a couple of weeks to find out if they can successfully graft nerves from his leg to fix the nerve damage in his arm. Best case, he's looking at having 40-60% of the use of his arm if the surgery is a success. If it's not, he will probably never have the use of his arm again, and will more than likely have to have it amputated. It sucks. I'm helping him list Titus Racer X on Ebay tomorrow. -Chino

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magellan said...

Chino... please let Peter know that the Pirates are willing to help him out in anyway that we are able!

Pirates... does anyone remember the name of the guy we met 3-4 hours ago at the 24 Hrs of Old Pueblo who put his hand through a plate glass window and still rode? I remember he had a cockpit on his bike with all of the controls on one side (both brakes and both shifters). If I remember correctly it was Cannondale who hooked him up? I think the guy owned sometype of MTB bed and breakfast in north Tucson. Anyone?