Rosaryville Ride - Plus Chino Crashing!!!

Chino, Pickles, Christina & El Grotto went for a ride in an absolute downpour today. Today was Christina's first ride - EVER! She took her new Trek 6000 out that she bought from Chino's bike shop wife. All around good stuff today. Grotto lost brakes and went shooting over the edge of a ravine. No video of that though. Catching Chino's crash on video was the highlight.
Make sure you watch through to see Chino and his gracefulness on a log crossing.

3 car garage & only 2 cars... hmm..

someday... I will... build one of these...


Pretty Cool Light System

This would be cool for a 24 Hour bike race. And it's not that expensive. Only $65.00
Monkey Lectric


Stolen: Ellsworth Evolve

Hey team... my ride was stolen from my garage on Friday... please keep your eyes open on the trail & on-line for it... Black, Large, Ellsworth Evolve w/ Brookes Saddle, X.9 & XT, Fox Fr & Rr, King & Thompson etc. Get a license plate and call the police if you think you have spotted the bicycle. I do not want anyone getting physically hurt.

This was a Class 3 Felony in Arizona for which a person can be sent to prison for a maximum of 8.75 years or put on probation and sent to the county jail for a maximum of one year. The maximum fine is $150,000.00.

Ask Chopper on 29'ers

Bike Magazine's Greg Randolph answers the following question in this month's issue: Why aren't there any downhill 29er bikes?

#1. Downhillers are not trendy metrosexuals wearing shants, chainlink jewelry and festooned with soon-to-be regretted tattoes related to bike exploits.
#2. By the time you put a DH tire on a 29er you would have to register it as a carnival attraction.
#3. The only thing worse than a 29er evangelist is a fixed-gear poser.
#4. The 29er is like parachute pants.

Now that's some funny shit right there.


FS: Seca 700 Race

Seca 700 Race, used less than a dozen times. email me, ill sell it for what i paid for it.