El Hefe & McLovin Lost on Mt. Lemmon!

El Hefe and McLovin take there crack at doing some Riding on Mt Lemmon... What should have been a 2-3 hr ride turns into a 7 hour adventure after we got lost exploring the Meadow Loop, the Mt Lemmon Loop and getting lost climbing over downed trees and technical downhills on the Aspen Draw Trail... Over a good time with tons of climbing at elevation. Definitely ready to attack it again with more pirates in the crew. Check out the Video!


Now I've seen everything...

What is going on with our country? First, Obama is elected President and now founding Pirate members think that owning a cyclecross/touring/road bike makes it OK to wear spandex. God help us all!


'09 Tour of the Tucson Mountains

Big ups to the Green Lantern and Silent Ed for their impressive rides in today's 70 mile Tour of the Tucson Mountains (645 riders).

Brad - Place: 107 | Time: 2:56:15 | Avg MPH: 25.0
Ed - Place: 213 | Time: 3:20:45 | Avg MPH: 21.9


Face of America... congrats

From left to right: Dave 'Too', Des 'La Calamar', The Gray Bush, and Dave 'El Grotto'

Updates from Chino...

Sat 4/25 25th:
09:12 EST - "at 1st rest stop 15 miles"
10:49 EST - "1/2 way to Frederick"
11:04 EST - "Dave2 got lost. 350 riders w/escorts and he's lost!"
14:25 EST - "Dave2 is found. @ mile 51. 12 to go. Taint concerns"
16:48 EST - "In Fredrick (Maryland). 62 miles (done for today)"

Sun 4/26 25th:
13:12 EST - "Pirates in Gettysburg. All made 102 miles"

Congrats to Pirates... Chino, Brandon, Dave I, Des, and Dave II who participating in the 102 mile Face of America ride this past weekend.


Mountain biking among sheep

This was funny to see but I had to turn around and go up the hill because the sheep were eeeeeverywhere!

Umm... is that Josh?

and if it is... what exactly is he paying that lady for?


Urban Assault Big Wheels!

Welcome to a new pirate...

Skander Joshua Anderson was born 19:24 Hrs on Wednesday April 15th @ St Joeseph Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. Weighing in at a lean 7 lbs 3.3 oz / 20 inches long. We have already started his training for cycling by helping him learn to push through the pain (aka to get his diaper changed).

Rad Racing?


The Sonoran Pirates Ride the New Belgium Urban Assault

As I write this post, I am sitting at the airport heading out of Tucson, many of the Pirates are gearing up for the NB Urban Assault, JnLnS are settling in as a family, Justin is licking his wounds, and my family is riding Patapsco. It's been a great week. I managed to touch base it some way or another with nearly every local Pirate, and even 1 traveler. I got to ride in the Sonoran Desert. I had the distinct privilege of being one the first people to meet Skander.

Thanks to all for making it a great visit. Ride now, and drink beer!


Face of America Ride

The tour is a little over two weeks away and the team is finalized at 5 Pirates.
Chino, Brandon, Dave I, Des, and Dave II.

'Dave I' just picked up a new Trek 1.2 road bike from Race Pace yesterday. He likes the bike, but I question his motives for spending his money on a new road rig instead of replacing his aging hard tail. If I see his man-toe in Lycra I'm going to kick it.

April 24th-26th - 110 miles - Bethesday, MD. to Gettysburg, PA
Face of America Ride



People. This is in our back freakin' yard and includes tons of beer. Even the trail-tarded amongst us could do this ride. Why haven't you organized? Why do we not have a team participating in this? Is it the $45 price tag? Like you all won't spend $45 on beer this weekend. Get it together people. Good lord. Don't let me down. This SUNDAY 4/19 (Tucson, Arizona).
urban assault info


Desert Tortoise @ Fantasy Island

Hefe, Green Lantern, Mountain Goat, Pescadito, Magellan, & Silent Ed gave big ups to Jesus today with a mid-morning ride at Fantasy Island. We ran into one of JC's cool desert creatures and the lantern snapped a photo.


Purple Lightening...

Occasionally, we call Nate "Viktor"... though normally it's "Pescadito". He is a future pirate and just got a screemin deal on a new bike. Why? Probably because it is uglier than jesus christ humping a beef gordita with one eye on that stray hair and the other on the prize (if you know what I mean, wink). I digress. It doesn't happen often... but the Reverend Anderson is passing around the hat... taking up a collection... to help Nate un-feminize his ride. We need about $250 total. Who's got a twenty?

The work will be done by... Air Glow Bicycle Painting

Rad Racing Gear...

Be radical and grab some Sonoran Pirates Rad Racing Gear!!


New Math Formula

The Kids taught me some new math the other day. Here's the formula they have been drawing on my desks, they really like math for some reason.
Use your imagination


green lantern makes mclovin famous

Go to your local bike shop (LBS) and pick-up the latest issue of Dirt Rag (Issue #141). Then turn to page 88. Top right corner. You'll see a picture taken by the Green Lantern (aka Brad Knox) of McLovin (aka Derek Regan) going over the handle bars on the "rock" at the 24 ITOP course (taken a couple weeks before this years 24hr race).

Visiting Tucson

I'll be in Tucson from 13 April through 18 April. Someone ride with me!