Merry Christmas Dad (aka Bus Stop)

Merry Christmas pops... here is your xmas present from JnLnS...

Frame: Titus Motolite
Suspension: Fox RP23 Shock / Fox Talas RL Fork
Brakes: Avid BB-7 Mech Disc
Drive Train: SRAM X.9 Shifters, Rear Der, X.7 Front Der
Wheels: Mavic 717 Rims / XT Hubs
Crankset/Chain: Shimano LX
Handlebars/Stem: Easton EA-70 / Vice
Seatpost: Richey Pro


Masa takes down the 4x4

Tomorrow is the official start of our training for the 2010 24 Hrs ITOP. In honor of this milestone we decided to try out the new In&Out burger off I-10 in South Tucson for lunch. Masa went big and took down a 4x4 Animal Style Burger, Fries, & a Chocolate Shake. Congratulations Masa on your momentus achievement!
In&Out Secret Menu

Need Another Rider

The Sonoran Pirates Plutonium Rods needs a replacement rider for Dave 'El Grotto' Bauer, who was suddenly scheduled for USAF Aircrew survival school. (Nice timing too...camping in northern Washington in early Feb...that ought to be a hoot and a half.)

Current team is a 5 person Coed and consists of:
Mt. Goat
Silent Ed


Willkommenes Ausbilder Chaos

the sonoran pirates would like to officially welcome a soon to be new member of the team... ausbilder chaos... he picked up this Kona Coiler from craigslist today and will be racing with us in the 24 ITOP... willkommen ausbilder...

Spoked Bacon is Registered

Neo, Ausbilder Chaos, Dark Angel, MK, & Mr. Jackie-O are now registered for the 24 ITOP as Sonoran Pirates: Spoked Bacon. It makes everything taste better.


I didn't ride today...

but the mountain goat did... on facebook he posted that he rode his Niner Air 9 in the snow today... and my lazy backside opted to ride the couch instead of my bike... i suck...