First, check out http://www.bikeskills.com/. I love their how-2 videos. Maybe one of these days I'll master the descending right switchback.

Second, is it me, or is there a guy wearing a desert flightsuit in this picture, and how random is that?


Jones Bikes

Yesterday, Diana and I were out riding Patapsco, and we ran into a guy riding one of these. It was a pretty lucky set of cirmcumstances, as he was stopped at a cross-roads, and let us eye-ball his rig for a couple of minutes. (Well, anyone who pays almost $10k for a bike probably loves to talk about it.)

I'd seen this thing in numerous magazine articles, but seeing one up close was pretty cool, especially considering their scarcity. The whole thing is titanium. It weighs less than 20lbs (Single Speed), and actually has a decent degree of bump absorption from all that titanium.