Rhino Pub Sports Bar & Grill, Tucson, AZ

Amongst the pirate's rank is a silent partner/investor in the Rhino Pub Sports Bar & Grill. It has a killer location right across from the UofA. Features 12 big screens (w/ all the sports packages), full American Grill, indoor/outdoor seating, tons of parking in back, serves great coffee/pastries in the AM & food/drinks in for lunch, dinner, & beyond. Umm... basically, there is no reason for you not to get your "Rhino" on, do it. Facebook

1118 E 6th Street
Tucson, Az. 85719

Tour De Safford - Post Event Report

Lacey & I didn't ride the Tour De Safford on Saturday. We opted to bring down the mountain bikes and ride Marijilda on Sat & investigate trails around Discovery Park on Sun. However, we did go out to the airport and check out the event.

The event had ~300 riders and 50+ runners in the four major events (104, 66, & 33 mile bike ride & a 1/2 marathon run). The start/finish line was at the Safford Airport which turned out to be a pretty cool spot to host the event. The festivities also featured a live band, car show, air plane exhibition, and motorcycle poker run/bike show. It was a fun and organized event and we enjoyed checking out the cars, planes, and motorcycles. Skander had a blast. I think next year we'll ride the race. Results - Event

Congrats to our friend Keri took 3rd in the 1/2 marathon run.


Crank Bros Candy SL's $40

Crank Brothers redesigned their pedals for 2011. This means that retailers are blowing out the NOS models. I've been rocking the SLs for several years. Basically the XT of crank brothers. I stocked up with a few pairs as $40 is way better than the $110 MSRP. Do it. JensonsUSA ($39.99)


Ode to Female Mountain Bikers

Lacey (pictured w/ her cross bike) and I had our version of a date night and hit Fantasy Island after work (big ups to the rents for watching Skanderman). 10 minutes into the ride we ran into a young man and his girlfriend on the side of the trail. She was professing to him that she just doesn't like to ride and she's just not comfortable. That got me thinking about how rare a breed Lacey really is... she also left me in bonktown during the ride.

So... for all those guys whose girls ride a mountain bike... whether she is a pro working over the men like Ellworth's Pua Sawicki, a badass amateur like Lacey, or just a girl trying to keep two wheels on the trail... in the words of Ludacris... sing with me... "my chick bad, my chick hood, my chick do things that yo' chick wish she could"


Product Review: Hydrapak Reversible Reservoir II

I purchased this bladder over a year ago in an attempt to rectify my continued frustrations with various "screw cap" style bladders. The caps were impossible to unscrew, leaked after a short amount of time, and were difficult to clean. I was doubtful that the Hydrapak would hold up and after a year of use it's apparent that my worries we unfounded. This thing is the antonym to those screw cap bladders... easy to open and close, never leaks, easy to clean, and durable as hell. Look in my pack and you'll see a Hydrapak bladder from now on. I'm sold. The bladders go for about $25-$30.
hydrapak.com - JensonsUSA ($25.99)


24 hr trail friday

Me and T-Bone Knox are heading up to the 24 hr trail on Friday for at least 2 (maybe 3) laps. Likely planning to bring some food/take a break somewhere in there so pack accordingly. Not sure what time yet.

Yes that is me conquering the drop with amazing skill/grace/speed/dexterity/enthusiasm, let's hope I don't jinx myself and go over the bars next time down.


*UPDATE Night Ride at Fantasy Thurs 10/21

Looks like no one can make it tonight and I got stuck at work, so riding tomorrow after work at Fantasy Island Valencia instead....


I don't know Brian McGinnis...

However... he has purportedly had a heart attack and several strokes. He is also attempting to ride some type of motorized bike from Tucson to the Grand Canyon in support of the American Heart Association. He is asking for donations here... Brian's Website


Tour De Safford, Sat. Oct 30th

Lacey and I are planning to ride in the 1st annual Tour De Safford on Sat. Oct 30th. We are riding the 33 mile tour (there is also a 68 and 104 mile distance) as the 12 Hrs of Fury is the following weekend. It's $70 - but well worth the cash to explore the small town that T-Bone Knox grew up in.

Tour De Safford


Sonoran Pirates on MountainFlyerMagazine.com

Brad and I were in the right place at the right time when a photographer was snapping a shot of the eventual women's SS winner of the 35 miler:

Mountain Flyer Article


Tour of the White Mountains 2010

Lance Uppercut and I headed up to Show Low for the White Mountains race. Brad rolled out with one of the two lead groups and, unfortunately, the lead rider missed a turn and caused the group to go about 3 miles off course. 3 miles of backtracking later they were all in dead last.

Brad caught up with me somewhere between aid station 2 and 3. Then rode with me the rest of the race to help me keep a decent pace (thanks buddy). Started hurting pretty badly after aid station 3 but came in with a respectable time of 3 hours 53 min. I think Brad will be back for a top 10 finish next year. Congrats to the guys who finished it last year, that is a challenging course.

2010 Results