Operation Wet Frog Tour of The White Mtns 2008

Brad and Mclovin Raced the 37.5mi Tour of the White Mtns as you know and this is a little video of the Adventure in Show Low!



Movin' Time

Derek and I will be heading out Monday for Idaho. Missing the west too much, and we fell in love with Boise and the area. Mountain biking there seems like it will be plentiful. We'll let you know and post pictures from our rides when we can!



Sonoran Pirates Jersy

I probably just spelled 'jersy' wrong up there. Jersey?...I don't know. I don't spell good. Anyway, I finally got around to finishing the shirt/jersy/sticker/lunch box/..whatever you want to put it on design. It defaults to a white, long-sleeved wicking shirt, but you can customize it onto anything else.
Sonoran Pirates shirt
Sonoran Pirates Shirt LInk


Let's Ride Colorado

We're putting together a plan to spend a week +/- in La Plata county (Silverton/Durango) this coming summer riding various trails. Any and all Pirates are welcome to join. Simple Baby is particularly invited!


La Más Reciente Pirata

The Sonoran Pirates welcome our newest member (pictured above): Mr. Derek Regan (aka McLovin). McLovin & B-Rad conquered a tough course and crazy weather in the Tour of the White Mountains on Saturday. B-Rad in typical epic fashion put in yet another top 10 finish. Results Link


C&O Canal Ride

It may not have been the Tour of the White Mountains, but we had a nice ride today. 25 miles with lunch in the middle following the Potomic River from somewhere in MD to Harpers Ferry, WV. Wish other Pirates could have been along...great day!


Little Ray Visiting

I'll be in Tucson for a week arriving Sunday. I'm looking to hang out/ride with as many pirates as possible.

Now, here's a picture of us from our ride yesterday.