Robert Dunn Images... '09 24 ITOP

This is a guy that McLovin, El Hefe, & I work with... his pictures are great. There are 52 pics from last week's 24 ITOP here... Robert Dunn Images

What size bike should I ride?

The most common question we all hear from new bicyclists. I finally found some calculations on ehow.com that seem pretty accurate. See the link below. Additionally, I added this to the "cool stuff" section on the right for future use.
How to pick the right size bike.


Tax Refund = New Bikes

Bike Shop Wife (BSW) comes through again, using our bailout money to bring home brand new Trek 520 touring bikes. This does not make us roadies!


Good news. Bad news.

Good news. Brad is looking for competitive riders. 12 hr race. Gallup, NM. April 11th. Interested? Link: 12hr Gallup

Bad news. Indian casino renigs on contract - Payson Stampede is cancelled. Link: Payson Stampede CANX

24 ITOP - down & dirrrty...

OK. We are all exhausted. Especially the guys that work with me. It is going to take us awhile to get any type of quality recap posted. To hold you over for the next couple of weeks... here is the down and dirty.

Team #1: 4 Person Male Open
Name: The Sonoran Pirates Donkey Chasers(16)
Who: McLovin(4), Moutain Goat(4), Green Lantern(4), Silent Ed(4)
Results: Donkey Chasers

Team #2: 5 Person Coed
Name: The Sonoran Pirates 4 Tortillas 1/2 Beaner & the Fall(11)
Who: Charm City(4), Magellan(3), El Hefe(2), Neo(1), D.Angel(1)
Results: 4 Tortillas...

(#) = # of 17 mile laps riden during the race

If you are really bored here's a huge unreviewed... picture dump

Special thanks to...

-Pirates Betsy & Dave for staying up all night to encourage their fellow riders!

-LaLaLaLa Lacey, who would have beaten most of our times, but instead is growing young Skander in her tummy, we know you'll school us next year.

-Heather, Audrey, Amber, Misty, Kyle, Kelly, Jane, & Mike for supporting the pirates during the race.

-The absent pirates: The Smiths (Ray, Diane, Alexus, & Athena) & my dad Warren... who all supported us via the phone and text message and watched our results live online. We missed you.


24 Hrs ITOP by Proxy

This is the first year in many that the Smith clan will be in absentia for the race. That being what it is, we're going to participate in the only way we can: We are going to ride 17 miles of Savage Park, MD single track timed commensurate with each lap Josh rides. Josh will call us when he starts gearing up for a lap, and we will follow suit.

I hope he only rides one lap in the middle of the day.

Damn I wish we could be there.