Sun. 8/01 Az Trail @ 6:30am

meeting @ sahuarita & 83... bringing my neighbor Larry... good times...


Meeting at my house ready to ride at 6:30. Uppercut and McLovin are confirmed all others are welcome. BE THERE


50 yr tomorrow

Riding 50 year tomorrow morning with Jeff and Brad. Meeting @ at the Chase parking lot at the bottom. Ready to ride at 6:30.


Sunday morning...

Fantasy Island 6am... Irvington... confirmed riders Masa, Magellan, Bus Stop, El Piloto, & DJ Stylo... open invite 

Lance, Hefe, & Alphonse (aka La Nina) do Bug Springs

After a solid climb up Catalina Highway, we got the enjoy some sweet, all downhill, single track back down to the car. (why does hefe get to be in all 3 pictures?)

A must do ride to dodge the AZ heat


lemmon mtb trails sat.

Trying some mtb trails on Lemmon tomorrow morning. Meeting Bradford and Jeff at Jeff's place at 6:30. We're taking 1 car up, which will be full. Going to stop around mile 6 (near end of trail), bike up a few miles on the road, then ride a few trails down.

Get a hold of Brad if you need the specific meet spot. The 2 trails we're planning for:




SP Jersey Payment Reminder

Jersey's have shipped from Primal and should be in tomorrow, if you have ordered one and still have not paid please click here so there's no delay in getting your jersey. Thanks!
*Update - link fixed sorry


week day night ridin

Brad and I were talking today about doing some night rides (during week) at Saguaro East and Sabino Canyon. Apparently both can be ridden 24 hrs, which I never knew. We'll still be stickin with the weekend mountain biking but thought this would be a good chance to dodge the heat during the week. No definite plans yet but I will post them up when we figure it out.


Starr Pass Trail Tomorrow Morning 6/17 @ 6am

B-rad and I are riding starr pass manana at 6am, be there or be square.. ohhhhhhh burn

new world record

Today I set the world record for slowest ascent of Mt. Lemmon but I did grind all 27 miles to Ski Valley. I apologize for not having any photographic evidence. But I will deny accusations that I have made up this accomplishment just like Landis denying steroid use. My doping method: cold beer the night before.



Lance Uppercut and I are making another run up Lemmon on Friday. Shooting for 17 miles, probably going early. 6 o'clock or so.



The pledge: I am for bikes. I'm for long rides and short rides. I'm for commuting to work, weekend rides, racing, riding to school, or just a quick spin around the block. I believe that no matter how I ride, biking makes me happy and is great for my health, my community and the environment we all share. That is why I am pledging my name in support of a better future for bicycling—one that is safe and fun for everyone. By uniting my voice with a million others, I believe that we can make our world a better place to ride. http://www.peopleforbikes.org/

Optibike - High End Electric Mtn Bike?

interesting idea... http://www.optibike.com/



The Rev & I spotted someone riding this contraption on the San Diego boardwalk near the midway. Isn't that weird.