Our fellow Pirate B-RAD was out for a ride on his road bike this morning when he was cut off by a truck.

B-RAD is OK - scratched, bruised, angry, but OK.

His bike - not so good. He is going to have to replace pedals, shifters, seat etc.

B-RAD was riding in the BIKE LANE - when a truck cut him off to get into a parking lot. The policeman on site - ticketed B-RAD!! His ticket states that he was not riding far enough to the side of the bike lane. So, yes, he was in the bike lane - but apparently not far enough to the side!!! Can you believe it! Apparently - the bike lane is not all ours...only some portion of it.

The jack-ass in the truck was threatening to charge B-RAD for the damages to his truck. ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

B-RAD has pics with evidence of his skid marks on the pavement in the bike lane. He is going to fight the ticket.... Let hope he wins...



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bye... bye... Columbia Trails

JnL ride the Columbia Trails before heading out to Tucson.

What's A Girl To Do... Bat For Lashes

Brad sent me a link to the 'Go Clipless' blog. I saw this video on the blog. I dig the song and the video is based around biking. Warning. It's weird.
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