ed/hefe/lance riding the whiskey...

Silent Ed, El Hefe & Lance Uppercut are up in Prescott, Arizona today racing in the 25 mile option of Epic Ride's Whiskey Off-Road.

Results are up...
Lance Uppercut - 21st out of 221
Silent Ed - 60th out of 90
El Hefe - 212nd out of 221 (beat last rider in by 40 minutes!)



Diana is now officially the manager of Bella Bikes. Way to go BIG D!

snake bite triage

Chad found this article in the Easter Arizona Courier that gives some basic guidance on snake bike triage. Since we all spend a good amount of time trouncing around in their natural habitat... I figured I should share the knowledge. Dana took the picture on our back porch last year.
snake bite triage


Spot the pirates

Photography coverage pretty much sucked this year but here's an official UAR shot that provides us with a few minutes seconds of fun. Game: Spot the Sonoran Pirates.

How many can you spot.


The Bandito and McLoven make the News!

The 2010 UAR is in the books and The Bandito and McLoven make the channel 4 news

tucson urban assault today

tough guy, lance uppercut, el pescadito, masa, el hefe i su amante, butters, neo, el archero, silent ed, kel-kel, mcloven, and "bing bong chicken" miyagi are all riding in the new belgian brewery sponsored urban assault ride in tucson, arizona today… good luck my friends… be safe…

love… magellan, el la, & rooney
(on walk-about somewhere in the eastern arizona desert)


Shimano's New Mountain Bike Drivetrain...

Check it out... looks like Shimano's Dyna-Sys offers a newly designed XTR, XT, & SLX drivetrain... Dyna-Sys


Pirates @ Dawn2Dusk

The Knox brothers... aka Lance Upper Cut & Mountain Goat are racing today as a duo in Dawn Till Dusk 12 Hour MTB race in Gallup, NM. The picture above is the "timing chip necklace" that they have to wear. The trail is a "slow" 12 miles with high ledges and a few drops offs (could get sketchy) and is purportedly sweet (i.e. similar to Fruita or Grand Junction).

Updates (times in MST)...
07:17 - good news is... Mountain Goat's pump doesn't work
09:22 - Mountain Goat out on #3 / Lance finished #2 @ 08:07
11:09 - Lance on #4 / Mountain Goat is the "slow one"
11:40 - Mountain Goat out on #5
11:45 - Lance reports conditions are windy & dusty
13:15 - Lance out on #6 @ 11:50
14:11 - Mountain Goat out on #7
14:13 - soo dirty / chain lubed each lap
15:30 - Mountain Goat in / likely 2 more laps
16:56 - Mountain Goat on #9 / last lap
18:16 - complete! 9 laps in 11 hrs 16 minuts
20:06 - unsure of finish place / was 18th at one point

Confirmed 16th place. Results

Dawn Till Dusk / Gallup, NM


fantasy island

Probably going to ride a couple laps @ Fantasy Island tomorrow morning unless someone is setting up a ride elsewhere. Let me know if you want to join (here or via 815-978-7417).


New Bike

Bought my first cross bike last night:

Got a really good deal on it @ Performance Bike. I am excited.


New Belgium Urban Assault Ride!

UAR in Tucson coming up on 4/18, dont forget to register before the price increase! Amber & I will be competing in co-ed division as SP - Inglourious Wilsons, it will be Amber's first race. Sign up here if you have not already, it should be a blast!