Anyone else riding in El Tour?

Lacey & I are registered for the 66 mile El Tour de Tucson race on November 17th. Are there any other pirates riding?
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My Sore Ass

As you all know i was hit by a truck on the C-Dale 4 weeks back. well its all taken care of, my ticket was dropped, i fixed my bike, and i got some cash. Today was the first ride back on the bike and i felt like shit. oh yeah, that's a picture of my ass.



Citizens of Tucson

This morning, 0710, Valencia and Old Vail Rd: One compact car with a smashed bumper, hood, and windshield + one mangled bicycle = 4 cop cars, 1 fire engine and an ambulance.


The Birth of a Legend.

For those who read this your reward is an invitation to enjoy hockey, drinking, and Brad's 27th birthday. TCC, Saturday October 27th, Ice Cats and the celebration of the birth of Brad - Be There!
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'07 Tour De Fat (Tempe, AZ)

'Chino said he couldn't make it... obviously he was lying'

A handful of pirates and friends drank many brews and watched many weirdos Saturday at the Tour De Fat festival in Tempe, AZ.
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Kentucky Camp ride--Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!

Chino and crew are heading down to explore some of the vast trail network in and around Kentucky Camp and Gardner Canyon Sunday, 14 Oct. If you're interested in joining us, we'll be heading down there around 9:00 AM or so.


Pirates on Podium... Tour of the White Mountains

Long story short... Brad took 1st & Amber took 3rd in their categories in the 35 mile race. Joshua & Lacey got lost and turned a 35 mile race into 57 miles. Scott worked as the sweep on the 52 mile course chasing down lost riders (thanks man!). Ray and his family came up and joined in the fun. Then we got drunk.


Cougar Awareness

I know certain riders here have a great fear of the cougar, i thought i would offer up some help!