Tour De France starts... Sat 7/3

The Tour starts this Saturday and will be broadcasted several times a day on Versus. Even though I'm not a "roady" I do enjoy the chess like politics and strategies at play in the peleton.

Tour Website - Versus


Tucson Bicycles is Closing (Swan/Sunrise)

Killer Deals to the Pirates who need some cheap deals
Check out the CraigsList Posting or swing by and see what they have left.


Lemmon Friday Morn

Me and Bradford are ridin up Lemmon Friday morning. Sometime early (6 maybe?) specific time not yet decided. Will meet at the Safeway on Catalina Highway and Tanque Verde. Shooting for at least 10 miles up, hopefully more.


Chocolate Milk Recovery?

On the Pirates Sedona adventure Lance Uppercut mentioned to me that chocolate milk is one of the best recovery drinks you could have. I was skeptical but gave it a try. After each ride I drank chocolate milk. I thought I would be so dead today after a 35 mile super technical ride but I feel great today and have minimal soreness. mmmm plus its tasty!


is something shady going down?

Silent Ed was spotted @ the Fantasy Island trailhead this morning. Sans cast. There are three theories at work in regards to this "mysterious" encounter...

#1. an uncontrollable urge forced Ed to chew off his cast & ride
#2. Ed abhors McLovin, El Hefe, & Pescadito & fabricated the injury
#3. MRI showed the hand wasn't broken and Ed was testing it

You decide?


Keeping Trails OPEN!

Hey guys, if you ever find yourself looking at loosing trail access the link that I have included provides information on a study that shows what our impact is on trails.

Lately there have been rumblings of losing access to trails all across the country. I really dislike seeing access taken away from us.

So, if you find yourself wanting to write your US Senator etc to voice your opinion on losing access, here is a study that was done showing the impact of mountain biking, and it shows we are not as bad as we have been portrayed by some.

You never know when voicing your opinion to your Representative will make the difference needed to keep access open to us!

Sorry I am on a soapbox, but there is a bill that is in action now that will cause mountain bikers to lose access to trails in Idaho and I don't want that to happen to you!


The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire..........

Well, a group of pirates (Lance Uppercut, Mountain Goat, Hefe, Pescadito, McLovin, Toughguy) are planning on going up to Flagstaff to ride in the Barn Burner Race on Sat, but looks like the barn is literally on fire.... from the organizers:

June 17 , 2010 (12:00pm)- Official final answer...based on input from USFS, our crew on site, current weather forecasts and the amount of smoke in the area, we are going to postpone the event this weekend and will attempt to re-schedule the event with the Forest Service and keep all athletes posted on our progress. Quite simply it would not be safe or healthy to ride in the current conditions.

Looks like its canceled, hopefully it gets under control...

Sedona, here we come round 2.....


24 Hours of...Nevermind

24 Hours of Big Bear  SNP's trail ride weekend in PA.

This weekend was supposed to be the 24 Hours of Big Bear.  But, since that got cancelled,
El Grotto and his Feminator joined Big D, me and the girls for 3 days of riding up at Raystown Lake Lake, PA.  Dave had seen them in an article in Bike Magazine, and they were only 3.5 hours from here.

Trails were really fast with many many opportunities to get airborne (not always a good thing as we all tried the front wheel unicycle at least one).  We had only small amounts of bloodshed.  Many beers died.

If anyone gets the chance to ride in that area.  It's worth hitting.  We'll be going back soon.


Saguaro East Sunday morning

I am meeting up with the illustrious Nick Nash Sunday morning to ride Saguaro East. They open up at 7 so I plan to be there then. My pass can get 2 more people in besides Nick and I but I'm not sure if he's bringing anyone else so you might want to check with him.

It isn't mountain biking but it's still a bike so don't be givin me no sass.


50 Year Trail tomorrow

Meetin Lance Uppercut and El Hefe at the parking lot (with the Chase and Red Lobster if I remember) across from Catalina State Park tomorrow at 7.

Probably a decently long ride, starts with a good climb. See ya there.


Pirate Jerseys... PayPal Link

If you pre-ordered a pirate jersey you can "gimme my money" by clicking... here to pay via paypal. If you don't have a paypal account then you're old.


happy wife = happy everyone

Tune the suspension, tweak the gears, & swap out the tires (a set of Geax Saguaro 26 x 2.0 are on order) is all that remains to complete the build of Lacey's new Ellsworth Truth. A direct quote on her first test ride was... "this fits me better than any bike I've ever owned, damn is it fast".

Sonoran Pirates Breakfast Club

Alright, Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Sonoran Pirates Breakfast Club will be riding 530am to 7am. We all need need to ride more, so open invite to anyone who would like to ride. We will most likely be riding Fantasy Island or Starr Pass.
First rides this Tuesday & Thursday, Fantasy Island Irvington side 5:30am. See you there!

Ellsworth Truth Internal Cable Routing

I struggled big time getting the rear derailleur cable routed through the inside of the rear triangle of Lacey's Ellsworth Truth. I finally took a trip to Ace Hardware and picked up some stock #8101 aluminum tubing (3/32 x 0.14) for $2. I pushed the tubing up through the frame from the bottom, fed the cable down the tube, pulled the tube out and I was in business... easy peazy pumpkin squeezy. No magnets, string, super glue, vacuums, air compressors, or soldiering guns required!!