The New Texas Training Instrument

Well... I sprung a few bucks and got the SE Lager Single Speed roadbike! I gotta train around here if I am going to be able survive the races coming up... goodtimes.


Arizona Trail & The Texan

McLovin (aka The Texan) was in town for Pescadito's birthday this weekend. Magellan, Lance Uppercut, McLovin, Hefe (aka Tortuga), & Pescadito rode the Arizona trail @ o-dark-30 today. Good ride. Thanks to Uppercut for the pics.
more pics


Mountain Bike Tubulars?

The Geax Saguaro... a tubular mountain bike tire? Check out this article from Mountain Bike Action's March 2009 issue. Can someone tell me why?


thrustpac... seriously

The inventor of this contraption visited Lance Uppercut at the shop last week. Who in turn sent me a link to this site... www.thrustpac.com



I was reading some archive blogs on BikeRumor and ran across this interview of Dejay Birch who works with Lance Uppercut at Arizona Cyclist.


Bike porn... Ellsworth & Surly

I buckled post theft and bought/built another Ellsworth Evolve 29er.

We now have several fool proof and redundant security systems established to safe guard our bicycles... the next prospective thief won't be so fortunate.

I converted my Surly Cross Check from a flat to a drop bar set-up.

Ride Tomorrow Morning!

Who's down to ride tomorrow morning, I'm getting fat and Amber says I can't cause of the wedding.... 5:30am Fantasy Irvington? or wherever, let me know...