Chiva Falls... on a Monday Afternoon

Magellan, El Hefe, Mr. 188, & The Mountain Goat rode Chiva Falls this afternoon. The weather was excellent and the falls were killer. To the riders we ran into at the falls you can find your pics here.


Help! Open More Nat'l Parks to Bikes

"At long last, the U.S. National Park Service (NPS) has proposed a rule change which will make it easier for parks to open trails for mountain biking. IMBA urges mountain bikers to register comments in support of the rule change. IMBA has been asking for this change since the 1990s. We now enter a 60-day commentary period to make the change official."

- taken from IMBA.com article 'Take Action to Increase Opportunities for Bicycling in National Parks'

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Specialized presents... The Nutcracker

Check out the link below... Specialized recorded a version of the Nutcracker Suite using only bicycle parts. At the end of the song it lists out all of the parts that were used in the recording. Thanks to Justin for the link.
The Nutcracker Suite


I turned the corner and saw this...

Neo, The Wolf, The Mexi-Can, El Hefe, & Magellan road The Chutes, Middle Gate, & Catalina State Park. The Wolf sat in a cactus (hence the picture above). El Hefe pulled an old school B-Rad move, forgot the shuttle car keys, and added an unplanned 7 mile climb to the ride.
tres videos y una imagen


Look out for La Migra...

IMBA has classified Kentucky Camp (outside of Patagonia, AZ) as 1 of the 44 "Epic Trails" in the United States. The Wolf, El Hefe, & Magellan drove down to ride a short out and back on this Epic trail. The threesome evaded a rancher, scared fourteen cows, dodged some bullets, fought crazy winds, and realized that you can't fire a pistol when the safety is on. All in all. A good ride.
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