Wednesday 12/21/11 10am Knox and McLovin are going to Ride the Lemmon. Everyone is welcome. We will be on Road Bikes but if you can make it all types of bikes are welcome. Meet in the Safeway Parking Lot.


The Holidays are here and we all need to ride. Everyone in the Tucson or surrounding area lets ride Fantasy Island Thursday 12/22/11 12pm Houghton Side. Sound off via comment to this post if you are interested. I will be riding regardless. Your fellow Pirate Derek (aka McLovin)


Knox boys to race Iron Horse Bicycle Classic.

The race is at the end of May in Durango, Colorado.  The race course climbs from Durango to Silverton, races the train, and goes over two 10k foot peaks.  The boys are locos.


McLovin Runs 1st Marathon

Senior McLovin "The Wolf" Regan (aka Son-Rat Derek) completed the Dallas White Rock Marathon in 4 hrs 27 minutes today.  This is his 1st marathon and a milestone on his Ironman training plan. What a sexy beast.  Credit to Ky for the photo.

White Rock Marathon


Son-Rats Duo Dawn To Dusk

T-Bone Knox & El La Anderson braved hail & freezing cold temps (well, freezing for us desert rats) in the mixed duo category today @ the Dawn to Dusk mnt bike race at McDowell Mountain Park (outside Phoenix). 3 x 15.5 mile laps each earned them 18th of 29 mixed duo teams (even after bailing out w/ plenty of time on the clock due to the cruddy weather). Congrats!

T-Bone lap times... 
1:07 / 1:01 / 1:04

El La lap times...
1:22 / 1:26 / 1:32

Dawn to Dusk Race
McDowell Mountain Park


Open Now: Ben's Bikes in Rita Ranch (Tucson, AZ)

Ben Chandler has opened up a new bike shop in South East Tucson (near Rita Ranch & Fantasy Island).

The shop is called "Ben's Bikes" has a service area and carries mountain bikes, road bikes, bmx bikes, kids bikes, cruisers, and skateboards.  Along with the supporting components, accessories, and gear.

The store has a really cool shop dog and a very friendly vibe.  Check out Ben's shop and support our local businesses and bike scene.

location: 7431 S. Houghton, Tucson, AZ.
website: www.bensbikestucson.com (currently under construction)
email: ben@bensbikestucson.com
phone: (520) 574-2453
hours: M-F: 10-6pm / Sat: 9-6pm / Sun: 11-4pm

Here are some of the brands we noticed while walking around Ben's shop... Giant, Redline, Park Tools, Stans No Tubes, Honey Stinger, Sock Guy, Geax, Maxxis, Kenda, We The People, S&M, Fit, Intense BMX, Royal, 661/One Industries, & Five Ten


improve your mountain bike technique...

I opted to torture myself and read/watch "all things mountain bike" during my recovery.  I stumbled across a series of 15 mountain bike technique videos.  They were created to help promote tourism in the Austrian State of Tirol.  The area is magnificent.  Unfortunately, I've never rode a mountain bike there but we did spend a day in the capital city of Innsbruck learning how to snowboard.

The videos are short, relevant, seem fairly accurate (besides maybe the cockpit setup recommendations), and dubbed over in English. Enjoy.

Tirol Tourism Mountain Bike Technique Videos
01. Bike Equipment
02. Basic Riding Position
03. Braking Techniques
04. Riding Uphill
05. Fast Cornering
06. Obstacles
07. Jumps (pre-loading)
08. Step Downs
09. Steeps
10. Switchbacks
11. Jumps
12. Drop offs
13. Switchbacks with a Rear Wheel Hop
14. Wheelie Drops
15. Bunny Hops


Save $ - Go Tubeless w/ Gorilla Tape

My friend Andy mentioned the "ghetto tubeless" concept of using a $3 roll of 1" Gorilla Tape and a old tube valve stem instead of an expensive tubeless conversion kit.

The MTBR discussion on Ghetto Tubeless covers the details and links to a few youtube videos.

Official Gorilla Tape website... http://gorillaglue.com/tapes.


got permit?

Did you know that many of our favorite trails are on Arizona State Trust Land? A State Land Recreation Use Permit is only $20 (family) or $15 (individual). Get the permit here... AZ State Trust Permit


stolen bike!

fellow pirates - I had my commuter / bar bike stolen on campus tonight in the 6th street garage around 7 pm. yes, lesson learned...use a U-lock and not a cable lock. guess I had a false sense of security because I was getting pizza not 30 yards away. I'll be trolling craigslist and I did file a report with the local police. it's a Cutter Bones fixie (I don't have any pics available):
cutter bones

I changed a few parts so it has a distinctive black and white checkered flat handlebar, GX1 Ergon grips, a New Belgium bell, and a sticker that says "Ride a Fucking Bike" ...pardon the expletives.


Where the Trail Ends - Freeride MTB film teaser


Enduro Downhill Racing

This looks like it is the way to go for some of us Pirates who are not balls out insane and like some aspect of cross country racing. Watch minute 7:30 Dan Atherton race a Sweden Enduro DH Event.


Race Pace Lady's Ride

Karyn, Big D, and The Pickle
Friday night was the last night of the season for the Race Pace Lady's training ride led by Big D, and supported by Pickles, and Karyn.  The ride, which gained increasing popularity as word of mouth spread, gave women new to mountain biking an opportunity to ride and hone their skills on a great trail and evenly paced setting.

Big D started the initiative by her own design in the spring as a portage to bring more women into the sport.  Leading them through the Avalon section of Patapsco St. Park, with plenty of mild to moderate pitfalls, she provided patient guidance and training to over 30 women.

Through the summer, Pickles quickly proved more than capable of taking over lead when D's attention was required for a downed or slow rider.  Last night, as daylight was fading, Pickles led the faster half of the group out of the woods leaving D to shepherd the newcomers.  Ever the patient sweeper, Karyn kept her brake pads cool in the rear keeping the wheeled flotilla moving ahead of advancing darkness, picking up fallen and tangled riders, and ensuring safety for all.

In the true spirit of the Sonoran Pirates...way to promote the sport and make the world a better place to ride a bike.

                        The rest of the pictures from the ride.


Harp rides against cancer...

Catching up a bit on recent events.

Harper road the 36.6 mile leg in the 2011 American Cancer Society Bike-A-Thon in Wilkes Barre, PA on August 7th. In addition to the ride, Harp represented in true pirate style by raising some serious cancer fighting cash.

2011 Endure Website

Barn Burner 2011 Results...

We had a blast. Including a crazy yet brief thunder / hail storm during the third & fourth laps. I'll be back next year for sure. Got something to prove now.

Sonoran Pirates - Dance ... (Partner)
McLovin - 2:09
Tough Guy - 1:48
McLovin - 2:15
Tough Guy - 1:54
Result: 8:08 (missed big buckle by 8 freakin' min) / earned little buckle

Sonoran Pirates - Knox.O (Partner)
T-Bone - 1:50
Mountain Goat - 2:11
T-Bone - 1:52
Mountain Goat - 2:35
Result: 8:30 (missed big buckle by 30 min) / earned little buckle

Sonoran Pirates - Doureios Hippos (Posse)
Masa - 2:24
Pescadito - 2:27
Hefe - 2:46
Magellan - 2:26
Result: 10:05 (missed little buckle by 5 freakin' min)

Results - 2011 Barn Burner

McLovin: Barn Burner Stats

Used my new Garmin system to record the Barn Burner Laps I did. On the details page check out the player tab. It does a play through of the laps as it walks through the stats. I recommend this Garmin to anyone who trains in biking, running or anything outdoors.

Big D

Every Friday evening, Diana (with Pickles and Karyn) Leads a training ride for Bella Bikes just for women.  The event has become quite popular, and there are new ladies signing up every week.

The Sonoran Pirates continue to expand the sport of mt. biking.


el "barno" está ardiendo

The pirates will have 3 teams (8 riders) participating in the 104 mile Barn Burner on Saturday in Flagstaff. Let's hope we all come home with belt buckles.

Masa, Pescadito, Hefe, & Magellan (4 man)
McLovin & Tough Guy (2 man)
T-Bone & Mountain Goat (2 man)

Landis Cyclery Barn Burner



I dream of moments
Freedom as I fly
Two wheels beneath me
The wind whistling through my ears
I smell the dirt I stir up
I feel all the bumps
That send me dancing
I launch myself through the air
Hovering in the air for a minute
Before I crash back down to earth
Pounding the ground
And bouncing up again
I dream of moments
The perfect balance
The slide of my body left to right
The jolt, the bounce
The shove of limb as I slide
And the moment I know
I will not touch the ground this time
I dream of moments when I hit
End over end
A crash of metal, tree, dirt
My skin on the ground
My blood waters the earth
My tears raised to the heavens
And my laughter rings clear as a bell
I dream of moments
The swift thoughts
The minute you know
When nothing has to be thought of
You are one with your wheels
And the world is left behind
Those are the moments, the sweetest moments
I dream of moments

--Karyn Messina


Glen may do time for this...

Pics below are of Glen tagging a Police car with a Sonoran Pirates sticker... and the fall-out.

pictures blurred for dramatic effort, find out the real story... here


Results... 2x40 @ Mi Casa

Here are the results from today's event.

Thanks to...
- Dave for taking photos
- Betsy for the awesome cake
- Mindy-Kyla-Betsy for manning the beer/pickle juice tent
- Jane-Warren-Mike-Mike for cooking/cleaning
- Everyone who helped in any way shape or form

More updates coming with pics and such. Happy birthday, Diana. Hope you had a good time.


2 X 40 Race Profile

Did some test rides around the 2X40 Track today and I must say it is looking like it is gonna be a FUN race. You can see by the map below that there is an added loop to course that goes around Chad's house. Obstacles are small but tricky. Get ready folks it should be a good time. Oh yeah I saw 8 gallons of pickles in Josh's Kitchen for those of you not drinking beer. He was not kidding. HAHAHA

Winner will be riding 40 .59mi laps on the course.

.59mi Lap 40 x .59 = 23.6mi

Elevation Profile. Looks like it is going to be a crazy tough climbing day.


Pirates riding in Idaho

We wish that we could be there for the party, it sounds like it will be fun. In honor of Big D there we will be riding here at Brundage again while you are there.


2x40@MiCasa - Countdown: 12 days

Reminder: The 2x40 @ Mi Casa race takes place on Saturday August 6th @ Mi Casa.

Race gun is @ 8am.
1st to 40 laps takes it.
Shot of beer -or- (this just in) pickle juice after each lap.
New obstacles.
Additional single track through Chad's property.
Prizes for top 3.
Bring your spare change for the donation bucket.
Keg beer.
BRB-Q follows race.

Come celebrate Big D's 40th, ride your bike, drink some beer.

2 x 40 @ Mi Casa Facebook Event

UK Pirates & Friends Ride 4 Moorey

Today the Sonoran Pirates Mountain Bike Team (UK) & friends rode to raise money for fellow rider Darren Moore who was paralyzed after an accident on his bike. Reports of a great ride and a good showing of support for Darren.


El Machino takes 3rd @ 10 Hr M, S, & G

Lee the machine came 3rd out of 250 riders in the mud sweat and gears 10 hour endurance race clocking up 140 miles .....not bad for first endurance race..... He was well supported by girlfriend and fellow pirate suzan ashford.


Byrnsey tagged: the Sonoran Pirate tattoo...

forever engrained in flesh & blood...

UK Pirates...

As Paul Revere once yelled during battle: "the brits are coming!" Here are a handful of the UK Pirates donning their new jerseys.


Half Pipe

Proof:  Everything can be improved by adding a bike (also bacon)


East Coast Pirates

Athena sporting the new jersey and her new 29'er WSD.  Great day out on the Shaeffer Farms Trail Network, Germantown, MD


Idaho Pirates

Idaho Sonoran Pirates sporting the new jerseys.
Derek, Kerry, Mandi, and Brian