Race Pace Lady's Ride

Karyn, Big D, and The Pickle
Friday night was the last night of the season for the Race Pace Lady's training ride led by Big D, and supported by Pickles, and Karyn.  The ride, which gained increasing popularity as word of mouth spread, gave women new to mountain biking an opportunity to ride and hone their skills on a great trail and evenly paced setting.

Big D started the initiative by her own design in the spring as a portage to bring more women into the sport.  Leading them through the Avalon section of Patapsco St. Park, with plenty of mild to moderate pitfalls, she provided patient guidance and training to over 30 women.

Through the summer, Pickles quickly proved more than capable of taking over lead when D's attention was required for a downed or slow rider.  Last night, as daylight was fading, Pickles led the faster half of the group out of the woods leaving D to shepherd the newcomers.  Ever the patient sweeper, Karyn kept her brake pads cool in the rear keeping the wheeled flotilla moving ahead of advancing darkness, picking up fallen and tangled riders, and ensuring safety for all.

In the true spirit of the Sonoran Pirates...way to promote the sport and make the world a better place to ride a bike.

                        The rest of the pictures from the ride.