U.K. Pirates 1st Event - EDP Ride For Life

The first official event of our U.K. brethren under the Sonoran Pirates flag will be during the Eastern Daily Press Ride For Life in Thetford, England on May 15th. Good luck mates.

Details here... EDP Ride for LIfe



Just arrived... Sonoran Pirate stickers

Just received an order of high quality vinyl silkscreened 4" x 3" Sonoran Pirates stickers from the guys over at Sticker Robot. In Tucson? drop in and get a few. Outside Tucson? send me your snail mail address and I'll get them to you.

Big ups to the Sticker Robot crew for making what appears to be a great product. You can check 'em out here... Sticker Robot


March 2011 Newsletter

We sent out the first Sonoran Pirates newsletter via email this evening.

If you didn't receive it please send me your email address so we can add you to the distribution list.

Also, if you have any ideas on content for future newsletters please let us know.

Thanks! Magellan


Results Urban Assault Ride Tucson '11

The results from Sunday's Urban Assault Ride in Tucson are posted... here.

highlights - pirates and friends...

COED 47 of 204 - Ed & Kelly (Maybe it's the pug in me)
COED 59 of 204 - Nick & Kristin (Istanbul not Constantinople)
COED 84 of 204 - Brad & Misty (Sonoran Pirates)
COED 85 of 204 - Joshua & Lacey (Sonoran Pirates - Ekipi Skenderbeau)
COED 86 of 204 - Jeff & Amber (Sonoran Pirates - Inglorious Wilsons)
MALE 66 of 120 - Nate & Jordan (Sonoran Pirates Ghost Faced Killas)
MALE 74 of 120 - Jake & Dave (Sonoran Pirates <3 Bacon)


New Seatpost from Paul Components

Not the lightest option available but strong enough to survive cruise missile attacks if you happen to leave it in Libya...

Tech Info
Materials: 2024 Aluminum
Weight: 320g
Finish: Anodized or Polished Post, Anodized Clamp
Anodized Color: Silver or Black
Post Diameter: 27.2mm
Length: 360mm
Setback: 26mm
Cost: $102

Check it out here... Paul Components


2011 - New Belgium Urban Assault (Tucson)

We had a strong Sonoran Pirate turn-out for the 2011 New Belgium Brewery Urban Assault Ride in Tucson today. Unfortunately, we weren't able to round up all the pirates for the pic (missing is Ed & Kelly). Big thanks to Betsy (aka la madre de los piratas) and congrats to Mistress Mindy (who joined the ranks today in her first pirate event). I'll post the results when they are published.
Urban Assault Ride


2011 UAR check in

Think anyone noticed that there are a bunch of Sonoran Pirates riding in this years UAR? Sign up table 3 was ours.

p.s. Is that the beginning of a Sonoran Pirate stick person; tricorn and all?

Stealth Electric DH Bike

Check it out


Urban Assault Ride (Tucson) Routing Tool

I loaded all of the UAR stops (including 1702 Pizza & Beer which we think is the mystery stop) into mapquest's route planning tool. You can access this map/route at the link below and then move the stops around until you find a route that you think is disco.

Not signed up for Sunday's event? Saturday is the last day to register. Details here... New Belgium

Come ride in Boise!


FS: Lemond Poprad Cyclocross (57cm)

Masa is selling his cross bike to fund a new ride (a lot of that going around these days). It's worth noting that this cyclocross bike has disc brakes (allowed according to UCI's and US Cycling's new rules on Cyclecross specs)! It's a great bike and fun to ride.

Check it out on craigslist here... Lemond Poprad


The pilot... from Hong Kong to Ray's Indoor

My bro-in-law, the pilot and fellow pirate J-Son (seen here posing for a live art exhibit at an International Art show in Hong Kong) was lucky enough to ride Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland, Ohio today. Lucky bastard.

FS: Heckler ('08) & Chameleon ('09)

Fellow pirate (Derek) from Idaho is selling a couple of his rides. He's willing to work with any pirates who are interested on price. Pics and links to his craigslist adds are below...

2008 Santa Cruz Heckler on craigslist here... Heckler

2009 Santa Cruz Chameleon on craigslist here... Chameleon


RaceFace is closing shop...

News is starting to spread in the blogosphere about RaceFace closing shop within the next few weeks. Confirmed this morning by both Bike Biz and PinkBike. It is a sad day in the world of fat tires.


Smartwool vs DeFeet

On the left you have a pair of mens SmartWool PhD Cycling Socks (MSRP $16.95) that I have been wearing regularly for about 6 months. The heal and ball of the sock have been worn almost all the way through and I had to pitch out the socks today.

On the right you have a par of mens DeFeet Wooleater Cycling Socks (MSRP $12.50) which I have been wearing regularly for over a year. They have plenty of life left and show little to no signs of wear (vice a little bit of stretching).

The products have similar performance characteristics and I really like riding and casually wearing both sets. However, DeFeet wins hands down for longevity. Outlasting the SmartWools by over two times (so far) and still have life left in them.


Chris Akrigg

A Hill in Spain from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

This is such a cool video, makes me want to pack up the bikes and head to Spain with Derek!


Save Your Spare Change!

Inspired by a related post on Bike Rumor we are moved to make a small contribution in the realm of bicycle related philanthropy. In searching for some opportunities we came across a charitable organization called Wheels4Life that is run by world renowned mountain biker Hans Rey.

So... here is the request... on Saturday, August 6th 2011 the Sonoran Pirates are hosting the 2 x 40 @ Mi Casa race in honor of Diana's menopausal march. We humbly request that those participating start collecting spare change in a jar on your dresser. Then bring that spare change jar to 2x40 @ Mi Casa race and we'll put it in an even bigger jar. If we can collect $150 then our donation will actually go to buying a bicycle for someone in need.

Just one bicycle can change someone's life.

New Belgium Urban Assault (Tucson 3/20) only $54!

Groupon has a deal right now for Urban Assault entrys, only $54 for a team of two, great deal click here to get one if you have not signed up already!!!! Only lasts a couple days...