FS: DUO Male Registration - 2014 - 24 Hrs in The Old Pueblo!

For sale... on eBay.
24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
Duo Male Registration
Where: Tucson, Arizona
When: Feb 15-16, 2014

This event is awesome & sold out.

All $ from the auction will go to helping a young mother fight Pancreatic cancer.

My teammate and I can't attend.  We are auctioning our registration.  We paid $225.  I will simply transfer the registration to you.  You will need to provide signed waivers for the two riders.


The auction: Ebay - Duo Male Registration (2014 - 24 ITOP)

The event: EPIC RIDES 24 In The Old Pueblo

Auction $ goes to: The Heather Bailes Cancer Smack Down Fund


Is anyone out there

What's up Pirates? The blog appears to have been dormant for almost 6 months. What the heck is everyone doing? Andy is apparently riding around in Alaska. I am just busy crushing the Strava records of a former Tour de France winner (or a Tour de France winner later to be stripped of title). No big deal.


"Everything in America wants to kill you." - Burnsey

Glen Byrne (aka The Great Pumpkin, aka Burnsey) hails from East Anglia, United Kingdom.  He moved with his family from Ireland to England when he was 5 years old.  He rides bikes in the rain.  He drinks beer in the rain.  On Saturday, he made the 25 1/2 hour trip from East Anglia, U.K. to Tucson, Arizona.  He's here for a visit & the 24 hours In The Old Pueblo.

Likes: Pumpkin Lib Balm, Women, & Lager

Magellan: Is it true that you are the "god father" of the Sonoran Pirates?
Burnsey: No, I'm the "god father" of soul.

Note: Burnsey did introduce Megellan & El LA to mountain biking in the forest of Thetford, UK (no-where) near Robin Hood's stomping grounds.

M: What do you think about the U.S.A. so far?
B: Everything wants to kill you and there are lot of places to eat.

Note: Burnsey visited the Sonoran Desert Museum where he noticed that all desert creatures are pretty marly.  He also saw an old guy with a pistol on his belt in Safeway and a "knife" vendor on the side of the road.

M: What kind of bike do you ride?  
B: Cube Stereo Pro

M: What the hell is that?
B: Cube is a German bike company.  You can't go wrong with German engineering.  

M: What's the #1. biggest thing in your life?
B: Easy, gotta be my 8 year old son, Kiernan.

M: Is it true that since Brad Pitt trained for the movie Snatch in Red Lodge that you often are mistaken for him?
B: Yeah.

Note: Red Lodge is just a couple from miles Burnsey's stomping ground in Mildenhall, England

M: Do you like dags?
B: What?
M: Dags.
B: Dags?
M: Yeah, Dags.
B: Oh, Dogs, yeah I Iike Dogs.

M: Anything else you want to tell the world.
B: Just get on with it.


Santa Cruz Bullit 2002 - Good Pirate Starter Freeride Bike

Hey Crew!
This could be good starter freeride type bike for a new or existing pirate that likes the beefier type bikes.

Santa Cruz Bullit (2002).

MTBR Reviews

Brakes need some work or replacement and pedals are not included

XT Rear Derailer
Deore Front Derailer
Progressive 5th Element Rear Shock
Marzocchi Z.1 FreeRide 3 Bomber Front Fork
Mavic X717 Disc Rims
RaceFace Cranks
Laser Disc Rear Hub
WTB Front Hub
Swanky Velvet lined Bel-Air SDG Saddle
Asking Price is $600
Email Josh at jhurand@gmail.com


Dino Cam

Mounted my Gopro to the front rack of my bike right behind my awesome T-Rex while riding along with Big D, Karyn and Sarah on their way to Trekworld.


Treking Along...keeps on treking.

The ladies of Treking Along have crossed the Mason Dixon Line and Entered PA.  All is going well, and he adventure continues.