Harp rides against cancer...

Catching up a bit on recent events.

Harper road the 36.6 mile leg in the 2011 American Cancer Society Bike-A-Thon in Wilkes Barre, PA on August 7th. In addition to the ride, Harp represented in true pirate style by raising some serious cancer fighting cash.

2011 Endure Website

Barn Burner 2011 Results...

We had a blast. Including a crazy yet brief thunder / hail storm during the third & fourth laps. I'll be back next year for sure. Got something to prove now.

Sonoran Pirates - Dance ... (Partner)
McLovin - 2:09
Tough Guy - 1:48
McLovin - 2:15
Tough Guy - 1:54
Result: 8:08 (missed big buckle by 8 freakin' min) / earned little buckle

Sonoran Pirates - Knox.O (Partner)
T-Bone - 1:50
Mountain Goat - 2:11
T-Bone - 1:52
Mountain Goat - 2:35
Result: 8:30 (missed big buckle by 30 min) / earned little buckle

Sonoran Pirates - Doureios Hippos (Posse)
Masa - 2:24
Pescadito - 2:27
Hefe - 2:46
Magellan - 2:26
Result: 10:05 (missed little buckle by 5 freakin' min)

Results - 2011 Barn Burner

McLovin: Barn Burner Stats

Used my new Garmin system to record the Barn Burner Laps I did. On the details page check out the player tab. It does a play through of the laps as it walks through the stats. I recommend this Garmin to anyone who trains in biking, running or anything outdoors.

Big D

Every Friday evening, Diana (with Pickles and Karyn) Leads a training ride for Bella Bikes just for women.  The event has become quite popular, and there are new ladies signing up every week.

The Sonoran Pirates continue to expand the sport of mt. biking.


el "barno" está ardiendo

The pirates will have 3 teams (8 riders) participating in the 104 mile Barn Burner on Saturday in Flagstaff. Let's hope we all come home with belt buckles.

Masa, Pescadito, Hefe, & Magellan (4 man)
McLovin & Tough Guy (2 man)
T-Bone & Mountain Goat (2 man)

Landis Cyclery Barn Burner



I dream of moments
Freedom as I fly
Two wheels beneath me
The wind whistling through my ears
I smell the dirt I stir up
I feel all the bumps
That send me dancing
I launch myself through the air
Hovering in the air for a minute
Before I crash back down to earth
Pounding the ground
And bouncing up again
I dream of moments
The perfect balance
The slide of my body left to right
The jolt, the bounce
The shove of limb as I slide
And the moment I know
I will not touch the ground this time
I dream of moments when I hit
End over end
A crash of metal, tree, dirt
My skin on the ground
My blood waters the earth
My tears raised to the heavens
And my laughter rings clear as a bell
I dream of moments
The swift thoughts
The minute you know
When nothing has to be thought of
You are one with your wheels
And the world is left behind
Those are the moments, the sweetest moments
I dream of moments

--Karyn Messina


Glen may do time for this...

Pics below are of Glen tagging a Police car with a Sonoran Pirates sticker... and the fall-out.

pictures blurred for dramatic effort, find out the real story... here


Results... 2x40 @ Mi Casa

Here are the results from today's event.

Thanks to...
- Dave for taking photos
- Betsy for the awesome cake
- Mindy-Kyla-Betsy for manning the beer/pickle juice tent
- Jane-Warren-Mike-Mike for cooking/cleaning
- Everyone who helped in any way shape or form

More updates coming with pics and such. Happy birthday, Diana. Hope you had a good time.


2 X 40 Race Profile

Did some test rides around the 2X40 Track today and I must say it is looking like it is gonna be a FUN race. You can see by the map below that there is an added loop to course that goes around Chad's house. Obstacles are small but tricky. Get ready folks it should be a good time. Oh yeah I saw 8 gallons of pickles in Josh's Kitchen for those of you not drinking beer. He was not kidding. HAHAHA

Winner will be riding 40 .59mi laps on the course.

.59mi Lap 40 x .59 = 23.6mi

Elevation Profile. Looks like it is going to be a crazy tough climbing day.