Eat Shitake Registered!

Team Sonoran Pirates Eat Shitake has been registered, 4 person Men's Open Team consisting of McLovin, El Hefe, Pescadito and ToughGuy....

Plutonium Rods Team Registered

The Sonoran Pirates--Plutonium Rods has been registered for the 24HIOP. The 5 Person Coed team is Silent Ed, Moutain Goat, Chino, El Grotto, and the Boss.

See you all in the cactus.

Monkey Mastication is registered...

Masa, Magellan, EL A, Bus Stop, & Belgarath are registered as a 5 Person Coed team named "Sonoran Pirates Monkey Mastication" in the 2010 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Lance Uppercut is riding solo (crazy bastard). Looking for a team? Add a comment... I am helping to coordinate team formation.


Introducing... the new Sonoran Pirates Logo

I just confirmed the design with our graphics designer. I expect to receive the package of high quality files in the next week or so. I will figure out how to make them available to everyone on the team. All team members are free to use the graphic. We will be working on a team jersey based on this design soon. Cheers!

Yakima Sprocket Rocket

Chainsaw & I installed a new Yakima rack system with 4 x Sprocket Rocket bike trays on the new Honda Pilot this afternoon (thanks bro!). I am very pleased with the design and the overall quality of the system. I'll report back after the system has some use.
yakima sprocket rocket

Easy Trail

McLovin.. put on that body armor its your turn.


Uno Bicycle Studio Opens in Civano (Tucson, AZ)

Uno Bicycle Studio - Now Open
Owner: Bruce Rhoades
Phone: 520-867-8799
Location: Tucson, AZ (Civano)
Bikes: Yeti, Ibis, Seven, Van Dessel


Final Vote...

Yo... vote by comment... final vote... good lord this has taken forever... voting closes on Saturday...