IBIS Demo in Prescott

Ibis will be at the Whiskey for Demo rides. You guys should check them out if you get the chance, they are fun bikes!


No bikes on New AZ Trail Section

Justin and I confirmed today that the new section of the AZ Trail starting a few miles NW of X9 to Saguaro East is off limits to bicycles. I'm a fan of multi-use trails and am not a hater of the equestrian users. But I gotta tell you... the trail leading up to the "off limits sign/gate" was rutted and torn to hell from horse hooves. Why are bikes not allowed? We don't do that kind of damage. Ugh.


Last call... Sonoran Pirate Jersey in Gray

This is the last call for the new Gray Sonoran Pirates Jersey. Sending in order at the Thursday night. Send me an email if you want a jersey and haven't already told me.

A reason to visit Idaho!


Ellsworth Contest - Name it & Win it!

Ellsworth is introducing a new 180mm travel mountain bike. They don't have a name and are currently running a contest where you can provide 3 potential names for the new bike. If they pick your name. You get the bike.

Click here... Name It & Win It


Check out the Eagle Mountain Bike Park

The link is to videos from the Eagle Mountain Bike park... Really awesome place to be near!

bike rack stolen!

Roof rack stolen from my car last night sometime between 10 pm and 7:30 AM. It was locked on so the thieves may have a bit of experience doing this. Filed a claim with Tucson police and insurance. For anyone going to the swap meet this weekend or who likes to look around on craigslist, the setup is above.


the jersey color winner is...

Charcoal Grey wins by a very narrow margin.

Here are the write in comments...
- Ocean is cool...Oranges...I like orange!
- redesign the entire jersey
- Redesign, dark green with a bolder blacker logo
- Yep definatley royal for the uk pirates

Please send me an email with the sizes of the jerseys you would like to order. You can find sizing info here... Primal Fit Guide

Custom Steel Frame Video: Soulcraft

Thanks to cousin Sean for sending me a link to this video.


Here's what we bring on MTB rides...

Thanks to those who participated in the survey. Click the pic to make it bigger.

Write in comments...
-Cell phone, Helmet...
-Giga Meter
-Raging calf muscles
-Toilet paper
-Tweezers, 3 X 16oz air canisters and 2 scopes1st Endurance EFS in water bottle with ice
-When in Idaho the needs are the same except the comb, no cacti here. When we rode in the mountains near Sun Valley we did bring bear repellant, too many sightings of bears not to be cautious.


E-HUB... is it the future?

Ekstundo LTD. is a company out of Slovenia that has released an interesting new bicycle hub design. Basically, it looks like Ekstundo's E-HUB uses an internal spring to help redistribute power to the drivetrain during the "dead spots" of your pedal stroke. The company claims their E-HUB increases efficiency and performance (by reducing your required power output) by 7-10%.

It doesn't look like they have a US distributor at this time... but the hubs are showing up on EBay (presumably sold by Ekstundo) for around $600/ea. They have both road and mountain versions, currently being used in UCI sanctioned races, compatible with 8,9, & 10 speed Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo drivetrains. They also custom build the hubs to match your skill and yearly mileage specs. I couldn't find a weight for the hubs listed on their website, so I sent the company an inquiry. I'll let you know what they say in the response.

Esktundo LTD Website

E-HUB Discussion Thread

Race Face closing backstory

north shore mountain bike article

mo money mo problems


Vote! Color options for Pirates Jersey.

Charcoal Grey

Royal Blue

Ocean Blue

These are the color mock-ups we got from the guys over at Primal today. Please take a second to review the color options and vote on which color jersey you would like us to choose for the next run... click here

Lets Revisit Some Good Times

Good Times! Lets get another Sedona trip together soon

Nate Dog with some tricks to show us!


What do you bring on mtn bike rides?

Have you every struggled with a decision to bring or leave a piece of equipment on a mountain bike ride?

We're gathering some info and are interested in what you bring with you on every ride. Take 60 seconds and fill out this one question survey.

Click here... survery


You Should Probably Register For This!


Endurance Mountain Bike Event
Solo, 2-Person, 4-Person Teams
August 27th, 2011