Removable Presta Valves

I have been searching for a reliable source of mountain bike tubes with removable presta valves. Lace & I run tubeless on our personal mountain bikes but want to run stans sealant inside the tubes of our spare bikes (aka Guest/Skander's ride & Crapachino) and our Cross bikes. After much research I finally discovered that all Schwalbe tubes have removable valve cores. They are more expensive than your average discount bike brand tube... but appear to be much higher quality and regardless are worth the $ if it saves you having to constantly change flats or hassle with a tubeless setup. I picked up ten of these... Schwalbe SV13 (26x1.2-2.5). Read about them here... Schwalbe Tubes


Bike in a box :(

I'm getting depressed looking at it..... frame and fork next month hopefully. If you want to check out the production process of the new re-designed Niner Jet9, check out the Niner Bike facebook page and look at all of the owner Steve Domahidy's posts with pics here. He's basically been updating every step of the way and explaining the process, cool stuff. I've obviously been following religiously.

Justin Could Learn a Trick or Two from This Guy


riding this summer...

Derek and I are going to be looking to go on some road trips this spring. One place that we are looking at is Vernal, Utah. (There was an article in one of the mountain biking porn mags last year if you want to check it out...) Would any one be interested? It would be some time between May 15-June 6. Let me know, email me...


Skeleton Bike

This is from http://www.erictryon.com

I wish he posted a pic of someone actually riding it. That would have looked awesome (read: dirty)!!!

& the foray makes 4

Lance Uppercut won his fourth straight MBAA mountain bike series race on Saturday by mopping up the competition in Sierra Vista, Arizona's Foray at the Fort...


Dusk Til Dawn- 12 Hr Race (Gallup, NM)

04/10/10 - Dusk Til Dawn- 12 Hr Race (Gallup, NM)

Anyone interested in doing this one? I know it's less than a month away, but it's pretty central for UT, ID and AZ folks. I'm down for getting my new 29er out there!

Mountain Bike - Motorcycle Hybrid

It's basically a downhill mountain bike with a 125cc motor. Interesting concept. www.fxbikes.com

2010 24 Hr of Big Bear Cancelled

I got this email from Laird Knight (race director) today...

24 Hours of Big Bear and 9-Mile Idled for 2010
USA Cycling 24 Hours Nationals Return to Moab

Dear Granny Gear Racers, Fans, Industry Titans, and Media,

As you may have heard, I will be idling both the 24 Hours of Big Bear and the 24 Hours of 9-Mile and running The 24 Hours of Moab as our only 2010 event. I apologize that you may not have heard this from Granny Gear first. Its premature release will no doubt generate many rumors and unanswered questions and I hope to set the record straight here.

This has been a tough decision. I know how disappointed folks are going to be. For myself, I was really excited to have the USA Cyling 24-hour Nationals come home to West Virginia and I know there was a lot of excitement about this. Likewise, we had wonderful experience at 9-Mile last year and we were so looking forward to seeing the event continue and grow this year. But last year we were robbing Peter to pay Paul all year long and at the end of the year I had to borrow money to pay remaining Moab expenses. I simply can't afford to do that again. I made efforts to bridge the gap with extra sponsorships and I had some commitments in place but I didn't muster enough to move forward with confidence.

As we move ahead, I'm looking forward to having the time and energy to make this year's 24 Hours of Moab one of the best events we've ever produced. And, I will be hitting the re-set button on both 24 Hours of Big Bear and 24 Hours of 9-Mile for 2011. With the lead-time to put marketing and sponsorship programs in-place and the commitment of participants to put a renewed effort into building attendance, both of these events will be able to return and be successful


I Thought Hefe said he had roller blades?


guest bike

Got a buddy that wants to try a lap or 2 @ Fantasy Island. Masa and Magellan's guest bikes are not currently built up. Anyone have something in decent riding shape?

Also - are teams already forming for Urban Assault Ride?