and the winner is...

I am happy to announce that the winner and new sonoran pirate logo is... E. Thank you very much to all of the other letters for your participation.

A few have suggested the need for minor changes to this design. I now open the forum (via comments to this post) and will go with what I consider to be the consensus on Wednesday morning. If there is strong disagreement I may use the voting process to settle the difference.


& in the morn... we ride

6+ hours... several of which spent solely manipulating the cursed avid juicy carbons... and El A's new pink Ellsworth Epiphany is ready to role... set the sag in the morning... then we're off to ride... thanks to Masa for helping with the build.


24 Hours of Big Bear

I know it's 8 months away. But it's never too early to start recruiting riders. June 12 and 13 next year. We're probably going to do two teams (we might even have enough for another all girls team) We'd love to see some Pirates from out of state join us.




This is from funpeak.com... however a little bird told me this is actually Senior Masa himself. Nice move by our token mexi-canic.


FS: Rocky Mountain Switch ($800)

Chad's selling his Rocky Mountain Switch. This bike is in excellent shape and saw very little use. He has to make room for his new Ellsworth so his loss is your gain. This is a great inexpensive way to try your hand at some freeriding.
craigslist add


Mountain Bike Technical Manuals

We finished building up Richey's new 29er Gary Fisher Paragon last night with most of the parts from eBay & cRaigslist. We had a minor mishap with the fork which is a 2004 Marzochi MX Comp Air 29. In my search for a technical manual I ran into this website which has a ton of manuals back to the mid-90's.
mtb tech manuals


The "Dirty T"

It's great to be back in Tucson. I'm surrounded by great friends, who love to ride! Their attitude is contageous my inner fire and pashion to ride are back with a fury! Sadly they were nearly burnt out over the past five years of living in Phoenix, the city with a average tempature that is 3 degrees cooler than hell.

Im selling the M1A1 Switch I have been struggling to pedal, and am currently in the build process of my new Ellsworth Evolve! Hearing all the great things Magellan has to say about this bike I figured it would be impossible to go wrong! Build should be done in a month!

Im ready to RIDE.


another friend of the bible...

Founding pirate (and my brother-in-law) Chadski... picked up this new Ellsworth Evolve this week. I'm very stoked for him to get back out on the trail.
Ellsworth Interbike Booth


7 Pirates - Tour of the White Mountains

The pirates had 7 participants in the Tour of the White Mountains on Saturday. Please welcome "MK" to the pirates on his first event.

35 Mile - Men's Open (132 riders)
L.Uppercut - 9th / 03:29:46.29
McLovin - 42nd / 04:12:28.12
Pescadito - 58th / 04:28:15.80
Magellan - 59th / 04:28:16.84
El Hefe - 105th / 05:33:03.93

35 Mile - Single Speed Male (18 riders)
Sen. Masa - 11th / 04:11:00.53

15 Mile - Men's Masters (17 riders)
MK - 11th / 02:35:45.72

more pics
official results
event website

Results Note: Pescadito & I ended in a 200 meter sprint finish that he won by a wheel length. However, the time keepers screwed up & gave me the win.