Preview of Pirates Sedona Memorial Day Weekend Trip

So Today before we came home from Sedona Nate aka "Pescadito" graced us with this classic over the bars trick. Laughing is permitted and encouraged!


All I could think is this is gonna hurt...

So Derek and I went for a ride here in Denver, in the Green Mountain area. Cool place, neat trails, little bit rutty with some loose stuff. We are about 50 ft from the car when I hit one of those ruts and the loose stuff. The Lizard Skin Lock-on Grip made an impression when it came in to contact with my thigh. The grip went in 2 inches, missed arteries, but it left a nice hole for the doctor to sew up after the ambulance took me to the hospital. I thought that Derek was gonna pass out from seeing my open flesh wound. This is on my front left thigh half way between the knee and the hip. There are 14 external stitches and about 5-6 internal stitches to sew the muscle together where it was torn. I wanted a before shot but the hospital wouldn't let him take one..Damn! It will be a couple of weeks before I am riding again, but in the mean time I'll be looking for less evil grips!


Elephant Head MTB Challenge 2009

McLovin, El Hefe, & Pescadito make a run at Elephant Head and here is some new Footage from the helmet cam. The Original Soundtrack got stripped because of copyright and so I put an approved YouTube Licensed song on the track.. Kind mesmerizing if you get into it. Enjoy.


Memorial Weekend Trip to Sunrise Park

We are planning on heading to Sunrise Ski Park for a couple days of riding and camping on Friday and Saturday of Memorial Weekend 5/22-5/23.

Whos in?


Bus Stop & Magellan @ Fantasy Island

My dad (aka Bus Stop) is in Tucson getting to know little Skander. I am happy to report that even after getting hit by bus in downtown Detroit, jumping into a cactus during the 2008 24 ITOP, a horrible wreck on I-10 outside of Phoenix, and taking out a tree with his shoulder (over the handlebars) in the forest near his home in Michigan (all in the last 18 months)... he was still up to ride Fantasy Island with a couple pirates. Thanks to El Hefe for taking the vid.


Elephant Head MTB Challenge Results

Official Results have still not been posted yet but we had a blast, it was a very technical and challenging trail but totally fun! I urge more of us to do it next year to help out the promoter Oscar build this race (by the way, be careful letting him bungee cord your bikes to the top of his roof...little sketchy).

Out of 38 riders:

McLovin: 1:40 / 7th place

Pescadito: 2:20 / 24th place

El Hefe: 2:40 / 29th Place

McLovin tried out his new helmet video camera on this race and will be soon posting some clips.