What I witnessed on Fantasy Island

Okay, so artwork kinda sucks, but you can probably get the picture. I was coming up the front half of the lone cactus loop, just passing the little grave stone at the top of the hill, when I see this:
The contraption in the front is a woman of about 40, fat, no helmet on a bicycle designed for the boardwalk. The thing hanging off the back is a trailer/half-a-bike for her toddler kid...no helmet.

This is not on the Bunny Trail.

The thing in the back is a poorly drawn 20" recumbant bike. This was captained by what must have been the bread-winner/biological materials donater to this exercise in bad decision making. This trio of halfwits were riding/skidding/half-walking/dragging their vessels down the hills. The father, having no suspension and no capacity to stand up when his bike hit the bumps, was just hammering his spine over every rock, root, dip, etc.
I would have snapped a picture, but I was too busy just trying to get away from them before a helicopter was needed.


magellan said...

you should work in graphic design

Little Ray said...

Yes, maybe I should. I would work in the Microsoft Paint department.