24h in the Sage... "once it hits my lips I can't stop"

What follows is the text conversation between Brad (at the 24 Hrs in The Sage in Gunison, CO.) and Joshua (at a Jazz concert in Columbia, MD.)

6:36 PM - Brad
"dude. the riders here are all bad ass."

7:54 PM - Joshua
"like you? got your post... little windy... site had 24 hits since
you started so call when you can... having fun?

8:46 PM - Brad
"having fun but need a couple extra lungs and new set of legs"

8:49 PM - Joshua
"altitude kicking your ass?"

8:49 PM - Brad
"among other things."

9:06 PM - Joshua
"ask ray how it compares to the big bear course"

9:07 PM - Brad
"not as long or slippery. this course is faster. and its better without you crying about bears. says ray"

9:24 PM - Joshua
"yeah... I can be annoying about bears... I'm f'n jealous you bastards :-("

9:25 PM - Joshua
"though I am drinking Dave's Pale Ale at a outdoor jazz concert so I got that over you... "

9:25 PM - Brad
"nice. have fun. get drunk."

9:36 PM - Joshua
"getting there... how are diane + alexus holding up?"

9:37 PM - Brad
"they are doing good. diane has done two already. they are done until morning."

9:38 PM - Joshua
"awesome... tell them we said good luck, eh... and ah... call into the blog..."

9:51 PM - Brad
"stopped by new belgium tent and talked the girl into a beer. its so tasty."

9:54 PM - Joshua
"beer equals slow brad... when is your next lap?"

9:55 PM - Brad
"Prob. 4 hours. I'll just have one. carbs dude."

9:56 PM - Joshua
"alcoholic. you can't have just one. good luck. says lacey."

10:03 PM - Brad
"once it hits the lips. i can't stop"

10:06 PM - Joshua
"that goes for anything that hits your lips"

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Little Ray said...

Extra thanks to Josh for maintaining the site and keeping all the info posted while we raced. Wish you could have been there with us. There was no Chupacabra!