It makes you "Go" faster

  • Made with 100% real 2 x 2 twill carbon fiber
  • Fit standard household toilets
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ long (from nose to hinge centerline). 14.25″ wide
  • Weighs: 2lbs 11oz (1,230 grams)
  • Due to the nature of the product, sales are final



Any one have any recommendations on a trainer? Derek and I are looking for one, something to do when the weather isn't cooperating....


14 x Pirates Raced in 2 Hrs. @ Mi Casa

14 x pirates competed in the 2 Hrs @ Mi Casa Mountain Bike race... 1/2 mile course... w/ four obstacles (12 foot skinny, teeter toter, tractor tire + log over, & the long dong jump gone wrong)... 1 x 2oz shot of Mirror Pond Pale Ale or Prune Juice required after each lap.... and we floated the keg on the last lap...

1st. Brad (51 laps)
2nd. Jordan (46 laps)
3rd. Ed (45 laps)

Jordan - Jeff - Joshua - Justin - Lacey - Richey - Ed - Danny - Brad - Warren - Zachary - Chad - Mike - Derek

Pit Crew
Betsy - Mindy - Amber - Kate - Dana - Heather

dave johnson

What's with the life saver pic? Racers had to transport a life saver from one end of the course to the other for each lap. Life savers were counted at the end to tally the results. Stand-by for pics.


2010 Ellsworth frames & builds on Sale at Cambria Bikes

Yo all you non-Ellsworth riders now is your chance to blow those bonus $'s you made this year and upgrade to the best bikes on the planet... 2010 Ellsworth Bike frames and builds are on sale! Get one!

Road ID Discount

just ordered some of these as gifts, amber and I have one too.
I think it is a good idea not only for riding but those that run as well.
They sent me this so here ya go, i think you can still get 10% off right now too.

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I just ordered one of the best products ever. It's called a Road ID - perhaps you've heard of it.
If you haven't, go to their website and check it out. Road ID is a great product that could save
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When I ordered, they gave me a coupon that I could pass along to my friends.
Here's the coupon number:

Coupon Number: ThanksJeff884547

The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 01/04/2011.
To order, simply go to RoadID.com or click the link below:


If you prefer, you can call them at 800-345-6335.

You can thank me later,

Jeff Wilson

Oh by the way, their website is awesome, the customer service is outstanding,
and the owners are very smart and good looking.

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Turkey Day Ride - Los Gatos, CA

El Grotto is headed up to Los Gatos tomorrow morning for a ride with a few hundred other riders. Beer will possibly be consumed at the top. Ride info can be found here.



Ride with Todd Wells

From Todd Well's Twitter:

There is a memorial ride for Hutch @ Fantasy Island in Tucson this Sunday @ 9am organized by Gord if anyone is in town and wants to come.

Stop by and ride with a pro if you're interested. Going to see how I feel after El Tour today but might make it out tomorrow.


El Tour De Tucson

Alphonse & T-Bone are bringen the Pain Train to the mean streets of Tucson


2011 24 ITOP - Caca Pasa is registered...

Duo con mi papa y yo... The Sonoran Pirates Caca Pasa!

Shop Profile: Arizona Bicycle Experts (ABE)

ABE has earned my patronage several times over - here's the latest reason... the shop owner Michael built me a sweet pair of wheels (Chris King Hubs twist laced to Stans Arch 29er rims) about a year ago. The wheels held up solid to the abuse of my svelte 250+ pound frame thrashing over the Tucson area mountain bike trails. A few weeks ago I was riding down in Safford, AZ and broke a spoke on the trail. Unfortunately, no local wrenches have twist lace skills so I was stuck until I got back to Tucson to get the wheel fixed by Michael. I opted to pay to have him re-lace the wheel with a standard semi-tangent cross 3 pattern. When I came back in Michael handed me the re-laced wheel (with new spokes and nipples) and said... we're good to go... you don't owe me anything our wheels are guaranteed. Now... that is a man who stands behind his product.

Go to his shop.
Buy his stuff.
Like ABE on Facebook.

ABE sells Santa Cruz, Moots, Kona, Soma, Surly, Electra, & Co-Motion bikes. Additionally, they have a great bicycle maintenance service and carry all the high end mountain bike parts.

Website: abecycling.com
Facebook: Arizona Bicycle Experts
Location: 2520 E 6th Street, Tucson, Az


Pirate Ship Cake...

Mr. Miyagi crafted this Pirate Cake for his son's recent birthday. I love cake.


Hit & Run controversy

This story has been coming up on a number of cycling news sites and pro cyclists' twitter accounts. Long story short, wealth manager hits cyclist with his car (nearly kills him) and flees the scene. Felony has been downgraded to misdemeanor by DA who was also involved in the number plate swapping by the 2 females at Leadville last year. Strange action on the part of the DA.

Vail Daily

online petition


Rhino Pub Sports Bar & Grill, Tucson, AZ

Amongst the pirate's rank is a silent partner/investor in the Rhino Pub Sports Bar & Grill. It has a killer location right across from the UofA. Features 12 big screens (w/ all the sports packages), full American Grill, indoor/outdoor seating, tons of parking in back, serves great coffee/pastries in the AM & food/drinks in for lunch, dinner, & beyond. Umm... basically, there is no reason for you not to get your "Rhino" on, do it. Facebook

1118 E 6th Street
Tucson, Az. 85719

Tour De Safford - Post Event Report

Lacey & I didn't ride the Tour De Safford on Saturday. We opted to bring down the mountain bikes and ride Marijilda on Sat & investigate trails around Discovery Park on Sun. However, we did go out to the airport and check out the event.

The event had ~300 riders and 50+ runners in the four major events (104, 66, & 33 mile bike ride & a 1/2 marathon run). The start/finish line was at the Safford Airport which turned out to be a pretty cool spot to host the event. The festivities also featured a live band, car show, air plane exhibition, and motorcycle poker run/bike show. It was a fun and organized event and we enjoyed checking out the cars, planes, and motorcycles. Skander had a blast. I think next year we'll ride the race. Results - Event

Congrats to our friend Keri took 3rd in the 1/2 marathon run.


Crank Bros Candy SL's $40

Crank Brothers redesigned their pedals for 2011. This means that retailers are blowing out the NOS models. I've been rocking the SLs for several years. Basically the XT of crank brothers. I stocked up with a few pairs as $40 is way better than the $110 MSRP. Do it. JensonsUSA ($39.99)


Ode to Female Mountain Bikers

Lacey (pictured w/ her cross bike) and I had our version of a date night and hit Fantasy Island after work (big ups to the rents for watching Skanderman). 10 minutes into the ride we ran into a young man and his girlfriend on the side of the trail. She was professing to him that she just doesn't like to ride and she's just not comfortable. That got me thinking about how rare a breed Lacey really is... she also left me in bonktown during the ride.

So... for all those guys whose girls ride a mountain bike... whether she is a pro working over the men like Ellworth's Pua Sawicki, a badass amateur like Lacey, or just a girl trying to keep two wheels on the trail... in the words of Ludacris... sing with me... "my chick bad, my chick hood, my chick do things that yo' chick wish she could"


Product Review: Hydrapak Reversible Reservoir II

I purchased this bladder over a year ago in an attempt to rectify my continued frustrations with various "screw cap" style bladders. The caps were impossible to unscrew, leaked after a short amount of time, and were difficult to clean. I was doubtful that the Hydrapak would hold up and after a year of use it's apparent that my worries we unfounded. This thing is the antonym to those screw cap bladders... easy to open and close, never leaks, easy to clean, and durable as hell. Look in my pack and you'll see a Hydrapak bladder from now on. I'm sold. The bladders go for about $25-$30.
hydrapak.com - JensonsUSA ($25.99)


24 hr trail friday

Me and T-Bone Knox are heading up to the 24 hr trail on Friday for at least 2 (maybe 3) laps. Likely planning to bring some food/take a break somewhere in there so pack accordingly. Not sure what time yet.

Yes that is me conquering the drop with amazing skill/grace/speed/dexterity/enthusiasm, let's hope I don't jinx myself and go over the bars next time down.


*UPDATE Night Ride at Fantasy Thurs 10/21

Looks like no one can make it tonight and I got stuck at work, so riding tomorrow after work at Fantasy Island Valencia instead....


I don't know Brian McGinnis...

However... he has purportedly had a heart attack and several strokes. He is also attempting to ride some type of motorized bike from Tucson to the Grand Canyon in support of the American Heart Association. He is asking for donations here... Brian's Website


Tour De Safford, Sat. Oct 30th

Lacey and I are planning to ride in the 1st annual Tour De Safford on Sat. Oct 30th. We are riding the 33 mile tour (there is also a 68 and 104 mile distance) as the 12 Hrs of Fury is the following weekend. It's $70 - but well worth the cash to explore the small town that T-Bone Knox grew up in.

Tour De Safford


Sonoran Pirates on MountainFlyerMagazine.com

Brad and I were in the right place at the right time when a photographer was snapping a shot of the eventual women's SS winner of the 35 miler:

Mountain Flyer Article


Tour of the White Mountains 2010

Lance Uppercut and I headed up to Show Low for the White Mountains race. Brad rolled out with one of the two lead groups and, unfortunately, the lead rider missed a turn and caused the group to go about 3 miles off course. 3 miles of backtracking later they were all in dead last.

Brad caught up with me somewhere between aid station 2 and 3. Then rode with me the rest of the race to help me keep a decent pace (thanks buddy). Started hurting pretty badly after aid station 3 but came in with a respectable time of 3 hours 53 min. I think Brad will be back for a top 10 finish next year. Congrats to the guys who finished it last year, that is a challenging course.

2010 Results


need bike maintenance advice

been having issues (for a while now) with smallest few gears (biggest 3 or 4 rear cogs). replaced a cassette, had the derailleur hanger adjusted...still wants to pop around when i'm grinding hard on the pedals.

any ideas for the likely culprit? i'm not trying to shift it under load...chain just doesn't stay in place when i'm really mashing it.


Race Across the Sky 2010

Tickets are on sale now for the movie, it is showing November 4. Last year on the big screen the movie was amazing.

50yr Trail MaƱana Morning aka "Pain Cave"

Lance, Toughguy, and myself are riding 50 yr trail tomorrow morning @ 6am sharp (its usually me that is late though). Meeting in the Chase bank parking lot across from the park entrance. According to Toughguy he "is going to turn the pedal with anger tomorrow" & "take us deep into the pain cave."


Manitou Minute 29er??

I have an opportunity to pick up one of these forks for a great price to use on the Rocky Mountain Single Speed. I'm curious if there any thoughts out there on this fork (or current manitou forks in general). I know they used to have some quality issues but heard that they are much better. My choice is this or spending 2x on a Fox F29. Hmm... what to do?
Minute 29er


crapachino machino to be decommissioned

I picked up this new 2009 Rocky Mountain Hammer steel 29er frame with an eccentric bottom bracket (so I can run it single speed) on eBay last night for a great price. So the single speed build begins...

The down side? I have to get make room for her in the garage and so I'm off loading the Crapachino Machino... any pirate is welcome to her... otherwise she'll be decommissioned and deconstructed. Let me know if you want her.



any of the tucson folks have an available trainer I can borrow? I am trying to get some heavy weekday miles in prior to the white mountains race. was also thinking about getting a trainer but wanted a test run first. bike is set up as 2x10 speed if it matters...pretty ignorant on this stuff.


Need Altitude Training for 2011 Barn Burner

In order to achieve the 8 hour mark next year the Pirates need some training at altitude for the Barn Burner. We also need some more pirates to take part in the event it is gorgeous venue and the course is not hard except for the last climb after 21 miles of cranking.


Tentative 2011 MBAA Race Schedule

Race 1 January 8, 2011 Papago Park
(short track 1/2 points race)

Race 2 January 22/23, 2011 McDowell Mountain Park
(XC Sunday-full points Short Track and Gravity Event both 1/2 points)

Race 3 February 5, 2011 Casa Grande NEW VENUE
(XC only Saturday-full points)

Race 4 February 26, 2011 White Tanks
(XC only Saturday-full points)

Race 5 March 5, 2011 Estrella
(XC only Saturday-full points)

Race 6 March 19/20, 2011 Sierra Vista
(XC Saturday-double points Super D Sunday 1/2 points)

Race 7 April 9, 2011 4-peaks HILLCLIMB
(Saturday-1/2 points)

Race 8 May 7/8, 2011 Globe NEW VENUE
(XC Saturday-full points Downhill 1/2 points)

Race 9 May 21, 2011 Prescott
(XC only Saturday-full points)

Race 10 June 4/5, 2011 Flagstaff
(XC State Championship race-Saturday-full points Sunday Super D 1/2 points)
***One day detrmined by performance that day. NOT THE SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP)

Race 11 June 18/19, 2011 Williams
(MBAA Series Championship race XC Saturday-full points Sunday fat tire crit-zero points SERIES AWARDS CEREMONY)
***Series points total. ALL POINTS COUNT. ZERO DROPS

Link: MBAA

Pirate Barn Burner Results

The boys made a fine showing finishing 14th place and earning a belt buckle by knocking down 104 miles in 09:09:00.

Full results. Individual times as follows...

01:50:04 - Lance Uppercut
02:30:24 - El Hefe
02:31:42 - Pescadito
02:16:50 - McLovin

Thank you from Rob

The bike we put together a few weeks ago was for my buddy Rob's dad. I got this thank you note in the mail from Rob yesterday. Thanks again to all the pirates who volunteered parts for this project!


project bike complete...

I finished the bike for my friend's dad. Thanks to all who provided or volunteered parts!! You guys rock.

project complete...



Starr Pass Ride Saturday 6am?

I am going to be in town for the Labor day weekend. Lets all get together and do a Starr Pass ride at the trailhead 6am on Saturday 9/04/10... Everyone come the more the better!



"Tough Guy" aka "Alphonse" aka "No Really I'm not 35" aka "The Creepy Guy @ the Pool" aka "Beaker" aka "The Shadow Dancer had a dream .......

and this was it

Tough Guy to ride H-zontal in El Tour

"Tough Guy" aka "Alphonse" aka "No Really I'm not 35" aka "The Creepy Guy @ the Pool" aka "Beaker" aka "The Shadow Dancer" has purportedly agreed to ride a tandem version of the H-Zontal bike with an unidentified male "companion" in the 2010 El Tour De Tucson.


12 & 24 hrs of Fury

Yo. We need at least one more rider to make a 4 man 24hr team or a 2nd 2 man 12 hour duo. UpperCut, McLoven, & Alphonse are in...... who else??

Your mom goes to College


"Lost Corn" Registered - 12 Hours of Fury

Masa & I are registered as a Duo in the 12 Hours of Fury @ McDowell Mountain Park in Phoenix on November 6th. Our team name is... The Sonoran Pirates Lost Corn. Any other pirates interested in joining us at this event? There is a 12 & 24 hour event going on at the same time. Check it out here... Fuuuuurrreee


Bug Springs Ride or Somewhere 8/7/10 6am

McLovin will be in town again this weekend and I am itching to ride the Sword of Darkness in its fully overhauled state. I would like to get a group together to ride Lemmon trails that Hefe, ToughGuy and Uppercut have been raving about. If no one is down with those trails I am open with ideas. I got a new truck so I can go anywhere! woooohooo


Sun. 8/01 Az Trail @ 6:30am

meeting @ sahuarita & 83... bringing my neighbor Larry... good times...


Meeting at my house ready to ride at 6:30. Uppercut and McLovin are confirmed all others are welcome. BE THERE


50 yr tomorrow

Riding 50 year tomorrow morning with Jeff and Brad. Meeting @ at the Chase parking lot at the bottom. Ready to ride at 6:30.


Sunday morning...

Fantasy Island 6am... Irvington... confirmed riders Masa, Magellan, Bus Stop, El Piloto, & DJ Stylo... open invite 

Lance, Hefe, & Alphonse (aka La Nina) do Bug Springs

After a solid climb up Catalina Highway, we got the enjoy some sweet, all downhill, single track back down to the car. (why does hefe get to be in all 3 pictures?)

A must do ride to dodge the AZ heat


lemmon mtb trails sat.

Trying some mtb trails on Lemmon tomorrow morning. Meeting Bradford and Jeff at Jeff's place at 6:30. We're taking 1 car up, which will be full. Going to stop around mile 6 (near end of trail), bike up a few miles on the road, then ride a few trails down.

Get a hold of Brad if you need the specific meet spot. The 2 trails we're planning for:




SP Jersey Payment Reminder

Jersey's have shipped from Primal and should be in tomorrow, if you have ordered one and still have not paid please click here so there's no delay in getting your jersey. Thanks!
*Update - link fixed sorry


week day night ridin

Brad and I were talking today about doing some night rides (during week) at Saguaro East and Sabino Canyon. Apparently both can be ridden 24 hrs, which I never knew. We'll still be stickin with the weekend mountain biking but thought this would be a good chance to dodge the heat during the week. No definite plans yet but I will post them up when we figure it out.


Starr Pass Trail Tomorrow Morning 6/17 @ 6am

B-rad and I are riding starr pass manana at 6am, be there or be square.. ohhhhhhh burn

new world record

Today I set the world record for slowest ascent of Mt. Lemmon but I did grind all 27 miles to Ski Valley. I apologize for not having any photographic evidence. But I will deny accusations that I have made up this accomplishment just like Landis denying steroid use. My doping method: cold beer the night before.



Lance Uppercut and I are making another run up Lemmon on Friday. Shooting for 17 miles, probably going early. 6 o'clock or so.



The pledge: I am for bikes. I'm for long rides and short rides. I'm for commuting to work, weekend rides, racing, riding to school, or just a quick spin around the block. I believe that no matter how I ride, biking makes me happy and is great for my health, my community and the environment we all share. That is why I am pledging my name in support of a better future for bicycling—one that is safe and fun for everyone. By uniting my voice with a million others, I believe that we can make our world a better place to ride. http://www.peopleforbikes.org/

Optibike - High End Electric Mtn Bike?

interesting idea... http://www.optibike.com/



The Rev & I spotted someone riding this contraption on the San Diego boardwalk near the midway. Isn't that weird.


Tour De France starts... Sat 7/3

The Tour starts this Saturday and will be broadcasted several times a day on Versus. Even though I'm not a "roady" I do enjoy the chess like politics and strategies at play in the peleton.

Tour Website - Versus


Tucson Bicycles is Closing (Swan/Sunrise)

Killer Deals to the Pirates who need some cheap deals
Check out the CraigsList Posting or swing by and see what they have left.


Lemmon Friday Morn

Me and Bradford are ridin up Lemmon Friday morning. Sometime early (6 maybe?) specific time not yet decided. Will meet at the Safeway on Catalina Highway and Tanque Verde. Shooting for at least 10 miles up, hopefully more.


Chocolate Milk Recovery?

On the Pirates Sedona adventure Lance Uppercut mentioned to me that chocolate milk is one of the best recovery drinks you could have. I was skeptical but gave it a try. After each ride I drank chocolate milk. I thought I would be so dead today after a 35 mile super technical ride but I feel great today and have minimal soreness. mmmm plus its tasty!


is something shady going down?

Silent Ed was spotted @ the Fantasy Island trailhead this morning. Sans cast. There are three theories at work in regards to this "mysterious" encounter...

#1. an uncontrollable urge forced Ed to chew off his cast & ride
#2. Ed abhors McLovin, El Hefe, & Pescadito & fabricated the injury
#3. MRI showed the hand wasn't broken and Ed was testing it

You decide?