24 Hrs In The Old Pueblo - Feb 16th 2008

Registration is now open for the 2008 24hr ITOP. Who wants to ride?
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jOsHuA said...

4 Person Male Team...
- Joshua
- Warren
- Justin
- Zachary
Any objections?

Brad said...

4 Person Male Team....
- Brad
- Ray
- Ed
- Scott
Any objections?

Kerry said...

What about the girls? Diane? Lacey?

Will there be enough to have a 5 person co-ed team too? Is there a spot for Derek?

We did get two HID lights to ride at night!

jOsHuA said...

Team update...

'The Sonoran Pirates Short Bus'

- Joshua Anderson
- Justin Bailes
- Warren Anderson
- Kyle Blake

I'll captain this team because I am a control freak. The name is my suggestion (based on my pops accident).

The team consensus is...
- we ARE NOT a competitive team
- we ARE NOT a slacker team
- we feel good with no pressure
- we may ride many laps
- we may drink many beers

Still looking for a team?

No worries. Ray, Brad, and I are feverishly trying to get commits from all persepective riders and working to construct teams. We are factoring in level of competitiveness and operating system compatibility.

Committed? if you have told us then you are a variable in the team building mad scientist project

Unsure... take the blue pill.

Chino said...

Otay...so. We almost have all our teams.

I'm still shy one rider, but I'm pretty confident he'll step up.

The Sonoran Pirates: Salted Pork
Adam (chino's brother)

jOsHuA said...

name change...
The Sonoran Pirates Short Bus
-is changing to-
The Sonoran Pirates Bus Stop

Brad said...

any suggestions for clever names?

jOsHuA said...

The Sonoran Pirates Bus Stop...
is fully registered... Warren, Justin, & Kyle - you bitches owe me $100 each.
j-dog out

"El A" said...

The Sonoran Pirates Pickles & The Evil Mermais...
is fully registered... Diane, Athena, Alexis, Amber, & Lacey - you'll ladies owe me $100 each.
l-dogette out

Brad said...

The Sonoran Pirates Private Parts are also registered.