E-HUB... is it the future?

Ekstundo LTD. is a company out of Slovenia that has released an interesting new bicycle hub design. Basically, it looks like Ekstundo's E-HUB uses an internal spring to help redistribute power to the drivetrain during the "dead spots" of your pedal stroke. The company claims their E-HUB increases efficiency and performance (by reducing your required power output) by 7-10%.

It doesn't look like they have a US distributor at this time... but the hubs are showing up on EBay (presumably sold by Ekstundo) for around $600/ea. They have both road and mountain versions, currently being used in UCI sanctioned races, compatible with 8,9, & 10 speed Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo drivetrains. They also custom build the hubs to match your skill and yearly mileage specs. I couldn't find a weight for the hubs listed on their website, so I sent the company an inquiry. I'll let you know what they say in the response.

Esktundo LTD Website

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