No bikes on New AZ Trail Section

Justin and I confirmed today that the new section of the AZ Trail starting a few miles NW of X9 to Saguaro East is off limits to bicycles. I'm a fan of multi-use trails and am not a hater of the equestrian users. But I gotta tell you... the trail leading up to the "off limits sign/gate" was rutted and torn to hell from horse hooves. Why are bikes not allowed? We don't do that kind of damage. Ugh.


K said...

I feel your pain, the trail that I posted the video of has some of the NASTIEST horse hoof prints from them riding on a bermed trail in the mud, it is messed up bad. And who are the only ones that do trail maintenance? Yeah that's right, good ole mountain bikers.

Voice your opinion to the park. Let them know you're willing to help maintain the trails. Sometimes its seeing that, that will make all the difference.

Derek said...

I agree. This is crappy. We should all buy tickets and go see the movie showing "Pedal-Driven" at the Whiskey.


Jake Boen said...

There are thousands of miles of pedestrian, horse, and bicycle trails in Arizona. Why is this one different?

Time to break out the off-road unicycles?

Derek said...

I've got one... Guess I need to learn how to ride it better