14 x Pirates Raced in 2 Hrs. @ Mi Casa

14 x pirates competed in the 2 Hrs @ Mi Casa Mountain Bike race... 1/2 mile course... w/ four obstacles (12 foot skinny, teeter toter, tractor tire + log over, & the long dong jump gone wrong)... 1 x 2oz shot of Mirror Pond Pale Ale or Prune Juice required after each lap.... and we floated the keg on the last lap...

1st. Brad (51 laps)
2nd. Jordan (46 laps)
3rd. Ed (45 laps)

Jordan - Jeff - Joshua - Justin - Lacey - Richey - Ed - Danny - Brad - Warren - Zachary - Chad - Mike - Derek

Pit Crew
Betsy - Mindy - Amber - Kate - Dana - Heather

dave johnson

What's with the life saver pic? Racers had to transport a life saver from one end of the course to the other for each lap. Life savers were counted at the end to tally the results. Stand-by for pics.

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