Ode to Female Mountain Bikers

Lacey (pictured w/ her cross bike) and I had our version of a date night and hit Fantasy Island after work (big ups to the rents for watching Skanderman). 10 minutes into the ride we ran into a young man and his girlfriend on the side of the trail. She was professing to him that she just doesn't like to ride and she's just not comfortable. That got me thinking about how rare a breed Lacey really is... she also left me in bonktown during the ride.

So... for all those guys whose girls ride a mountain bike... whether she is a pro working over the men like Ellworth's Pua Sawicki, a badass amateur like Lacey, or just a girl trying to keep two wheels on the trail... in the words of Ludacris... sing with me... "my chick bad, my chick hood, my chick do things that yo' chick wish she could"

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Tough Guy said...

are you in the doghouse joshua