Face of America... congrats

From left to right: Dave 'Too', Des 'La Calamar', The Gray Bush, and Dave 'El Grotto'

Updates from Chino...

Sat 4/25 25th:
09:12 EST - "at 1st rest stop 15 miles"
10:49 EST - "1/2 way to Frederick"
11:04 EST - "Dave2 got lost. 350 riders w/escorts and he's lost!"
14:25 EST - "Dave2 is found. @ mile 51. 12 to go. Taint concerns"
16:48 EST - "In Fredrick (Maryland). 62 miles (done for today)"

Sun 4/26 25th:
13:12 EST - "Pirates in Gettysburg. All made 102 miles"

Congrats to Pirates... Chino, Brandon, Dave I, Des, and Dave II who participating in the 102 mile Face of America ride this past weekend.


Brad Knox said...

Nice lycra roadie

Little Ray said...

Don't hate.

"El A" said...

good cause....great ride...thanks for representing east coast pirates...! next time cover up the lycra :)

Little Ray said...

Next time I'm just wearing a thong...backwards. I'm gonna hang out with my wang out.