Face of America Ride

The tour is a little over two weeks away and the team is finalized at 5 Pirates.
Chino, Brandon, Dave I, Des, and Dave II.

'Dave I' just picked up a new Trek 1.2 road bike from Race Pace yesterday. He likes the bike, but I question his motives for spending his money on a new road rig instead of replacing his aging hard tail. If I see his man-toe in Lycra I'm going to kick it.

April 24th-26th - 110 miles - Bethesday, MD. to Gettysburg, PA
Face of America Ride


El Grotto said...

I will be happy to post pictures of my man-toe for all to see.

"Do these lycra bike shorts make me look 'chubby'?"

PS: Chino's just jealous of how good I look in a lycra bib.

magellan said...

Wow! You guys are throwing comments back and forth about "man toes" and we got grief for Rad Racing. A double standard? Just kidding... this ride sounds like a blast and we are seriously jealous that we won't be there to ride along with y'all. go! go! go! Also... big ups to our new east coast pirates on behalf of all the west coast pirates...

Little Ray said...

Thanks for the support brother! But I don't know if you guys are truly west coast, being that you're in a land-locked state and all! I miss AZ...can't wait to see her and the westy Pirates next week.

Dave got to take his new bike out for the first time yesterday. We rode the Patapsco paved trails; his first day riding clipless pedals. We had to break out the first aid kit when we got back to the cars.