Smartwool vs DeFeet

On the left you have a pair of mens SmartWool PhD Cycling Socks (MSRP $16.95) that I have been wearing regularly for about 6 months. The heal and ball of the sock have been worn almost all the way through and I had to pitch out the socks today.

On the right you have a par of mens DeFeet Wooleater Cycling Socks (MSRP $12.50) which I have been wearing regularly for over a year. They have plenty of life left and show little to no signs of wear (vice a little bit of stretching).

The products have similar performance characteristics and I really like riding and casually wearing both sets. However, DeFeet wins hands down for longevity. Outlasting the SmartWools by over two times (so far) and still have life left in them.

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