Urban Assault Ride (Tucson) Routing Tool

I loaded all of the UAR stops (including 1702 Pizza & Beer which we think is the mystery stop) into mapquest's route planning tool. You can access this map/route at the link below and then move the stops around until you find a route that you think is disco.

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magellan said...

FYI... the route includes Maynards twice (as both A & H). On the map you can't see A because its hiding behind H. Magellan Rules.

Jake Boen said...

Just make sure you don't take the map too literally.Per the rules:

Off-Limit Streets: These streets can be crossed but not ridden. Bike lanes on these streets ARE permitted.

* 210/Aviation Parkway (you CAN ride the bike path, but stay off the highway)
* Speedway
* 5th/6th St from Wilmot to Davis

Tough Guy said...

sweet. I looked at a few routes also. considering heading north first to hit up 1702 (and nearby locations) so the 2nd mystery stop is known.