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I opted to torture myself and read/watch "all things mountain bike" during my recovery.  I stumbled across a series of 15 mountain bike technique videos.  They were created to help promote tourism in the Austrian State of Tirol.  The area is magnificent.  Unfortunately, I've never rode a mountain bike there but we did spend a day in the capital city of Innsbruck learning how to snowboard.

The videos are short, relevant, seem fairly accurate (besides maybe the cockpit setup recommendations), and dubbed over in English. Enjoy.

Tirol Tourism Mountain Bike Technique Videos
01. Bike Equipment
02. Basic Riding Position
03. Braking Techniques
04. Riding Uphill
05. Fast Cornering
06. Obstacles
07. Jumps (pre-loading)
08. Step Downs
09. Steeps
10. Switchbacks
11. Jumps
12. Drop offs
13. Switchbacks with a Rear Wheel Hop
14. Wheelie Drops
15. Bunny Hops

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This is some stuff dude.