I dream of moments
Freedom as I fly
Two wheels beneath me
The wind whistling through my ears
I smell the dirt I stir up
I feel all the bumps
That send me dancing
I launch myself through the air
Hovering in the air for a minute
Before I crash back down to earth
Pounding the ground
And bouncing up again
I dream of moments
The perfect balance
The slide of my body left to right
The jolt, the bounce
The shove of limb as I slide
And the moment I know
I will not touch the ground this time
I dream of moments when I hit
End over end
A crash of metal, tree, dirt
My skin on the ground
My blood waters the earth
My tears raised to the heavens
And my laughter rings clear as a bell
I dream of moments
The swift thoughts
The minute you know
When nothing has to be thought of
You are one with your wheels
And the world is left behind
Those are the moments, the sweetest moments
I dream of moments

--Karyn Messina

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