Product Review: Hydrapak Reversible Reservoir II

I purchased this bladder over a year ago in an attempt to rectify my continued frustrations with various "screw cap" style bladders. The caps were impossible to unscrew, leaked after a short amount of time, and were difficult to clean. I was doubtful that the Hydrapak would hold up and after a year of use it's apparent that my worries we unfounded. This thing is the antonym to those screw cap bladders... easy to open and close, never leaks, easy to clean, and durable as hell. Look in my pack and you'll see a Hydrapak bladder from now on. I'm sold. The bladders go for about $25-$30.
hydrapak.com - JensonsUSA ($25.99)

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Tough Guy said...

I second this - have the same thing. Always good deals over @ blue sky cycling