is something shady going down?

Silent Ed was spotted @ the Fantasy Island trailhead this morning. Sans cast. There are three theories at work in regards to this "mysterious" encounter...

#1. an uncontrollable urge forced Ed to chew off his cast & ride
#2. Ed abhors McLovin, El Hefe, & Pescadito & fabricated the injury
#3. MRI showed the hand wasn't broken and Ed was testing it

You decide?


Derek said...

Interesting!?? Well regardless we had an epic ride in Sedona that was missed by all who was not there! 35 miles of awesome technical trail that made every one of the Pirates who attended a better rider! PEACE

Tough Guy said...

I was trying to add more intrigue to my Lance Armstrongesque comeback by overcoming pneumonia (cancer) to win a Barn Burner belt buckle (Tour de France championship). But the forest fires thwarted my efforts.

magellan said...

You might want to work on clearing the half pipe on fantasy island without crashing before you broadcast an intent to win the barn burner. Just saying.

Little Ray said...

LOL! @ Touchguy. Yeah, the halfpipe test is probably important.

What happened to Silent Ed? I didn't get the memo.