Ask Chopper on 29'ers

Bike Magazine's Greg Randolph answers the following question in this month's issue: Why aren't there any downhill 29er bikes?

#1. Downhillers are not trendy metrosexuals wearing shants, chainlink jewelry and festooned with soon-to-be regretted tattoes related to bike exploits.
#2. By the time you put a DH tire on a 29er you would have to register it as a carnival attraction.
#3. The only thing worse than a 29er evangelist is a fixed-gear poser.
#4. The 29er is like parachute pants.

Now that's some funny shit right there.


Brad said...

you're just upset that there haven't been any confirmed reports of people on 29" wheels pooping their pants while riding!

Chino said...

....confirmed...maybe not, but they're out there.

El Grotto said...

What's the problem with 29er's? I take it you guys are against them?

jOsHuA said...

29er = perfect size mountain bike unless you fit into one of these three categories... #1. you ride the lollypop train to work each day, #2. you 5'2" tall or less, #3. you routinely search out 3+ foot drops like Jenna Jameson searches for ball sandwiches

Chino said...

Jenna Doesn't search for ball sammiches. She sits there and waits for them.

El Grotto: Nothing wrong with 29ers...just a funny article.

McLovin said...

29'ers are sweet! Not as sweet as the the Ellsworth Epiphany aka "Sword of Darkness" though and I am sure after Brad's CO Trip he would agree! Goodtimes!