Stolen: Ellsworth Evolve

Hey team... my ride was stolen from my garage on Friday... please keep your eyes open on the trail & on-line for it... Black, Large, Ellsworth Evolve w/ Brookes Saddle, X.9 & XT, Fox Fr & Rr, King & Thompson etc. Get a license plate and call the police if you think you have spotted the bicycle. I do not want anyone getting physically hurt.

This was a Class 3 Felony in Arizona for which a person can be sent to prison for a maximum of 8.75 years or put on probation and sent to the county jail for a maximum of one year. The maximum fine is $150,000.00.


Little Ray said...

I looked through craigslist, and then E-bay. I didn't find the bike, but I did find this:


Derek said...

Screw getting a license plate and calling the police if I find the Mother F'er who did this shit I will knock there ass out throw them in a catus roll them around then throw them into another cactus and roll them around until they are covered then drive them as far into the desert as I can go and leave them there! F-That

El Grotto said...

That's always a huge fear of mine, when people leave our garage door open. I'm always checking on the bikes to make sure they don't disappear. I guess we should learn from this, and lock em up even at home in the garage. Geez...sorry to hear about that man.